If the Fed cuts by 50pt tomorrow....

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  1. could AIG be saved? at least temporarily?

    If they don't cut....what are AIG's chance of survival? they still need about 50billion before tomorrow night?
  2. I think it's amazing that last week AIG was considered to be fine! lol

    Too much toxic assets and exposure out there. I think AIG is fucked along with every financial institution with the exception of GS, who is net short subprime.
  3. The printing press is working overtime...
  4. Goldman, JPM, and the Fed are setting up a 75 billion dollar fund to save AIG.
  5. Arnie


    They have to save AIG. Think about it.
  6. i don't think the fed can really do anything to save america at this point. everything they can do now is ...creating another dead cat bounce till the shoe drop one by one...till dow of 8000.

    us market is finished. recession effect will become clear in 2009. the dow will not stop dropping til 8000.
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    Rate cuts have got the US into this mess, so why another?
  8. they want another dead cat bounce to fool people into buying so they can short...til the dow at 8000.
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    Why 8000?


  10. regardless of dead cat bounce, the dow will eventually break 10,000 ... in the near future.
    next major support is 8000:

    if 8000 doesnot hold...5000 is the next step.

    i, however, believe 8000 will hold.

    8000 is the bottom for the dow.
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