If the ES is crashing what is a good way to hedge?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bbqbbq, Aug 27, 2008.

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    Im guessing the whole CME will be down in a crash, what are the cheap margin costs hedges?

    im guessing a crash could also last overnight, what is the cheapest overnight margin hedge?
  2. ER2
  3. SPX options.
  4. always pray 3x to allah each nite.
  5. very, very simple...ES options
  6. Crash?...hahahahahahaha.
  7. If you are so bearish, it's better to sell your futures, and later buy again, after the "crash you foresee"

    All other possiblilities, like hedging with puts, lose more money because of lower liquidity, thus larger bid-ask spreads; and time decay.
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    i dont mean an index crash, i mean a computer network crash of the CME so that the ES goes down temporarily, so that you get stuck in positions, and then the index moves against you what do you do
  9. DAX or ESTX50 on DTB Exchange
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    You do nothing. What do you expect? If your position has crashed for whatever reason...as in PAST TENSE...short of having a time machine in your garage you're toast.
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