If the economy is THAT bad...

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  1. ...why are movie sales up so much?

    "Top 12 movies hauled in $95.4 million, up 42 percent from the same time last year"

    I'm always wary of anectodotal evidence, but this is interesting. You would think that going to a movie, especially when the top selling one is about a small annoying dog, would be one of the first things people cut out. Guess not.
  2. Movies were one of the few industries that did OK during the Great Depression.
  3. Instead of a vacation it's a movie kids.
  4. achilles28


    The economy is getting progressively worse.

    Take any stat - jobs, unemployment, real GDP.

    Wait until this new bailout hits the books.

    Should weaken things significantly.
  5. lrm21


    During tough times cheap diversions do very well.

    - liquor
    - ice cream, chocolates, gums
    - sodas

    People will spend on the cheap stuff as their diversion.
  6. I live in Las Vegas and never saw so many planes flying in and out of McCarran. Almost 1 per minute.

    There's plenty of money being made right now.
  7. Actually, its a well publicized fact that air traffic is down 10% at McCarran. Sorry to have to refute.

    Anecdotally, and from personal experience, 8pm on a saturday night - walked into one of the five star restaurants on the strip. No reservations. 15 minute wait while a table was made ready. Many other tables empty.


    Passenger counts at McCarran International Airport declined by the highest percentage of the year in August — nearly 10 percent — as airline capacity cuts and the shaky economy continued to take their toll on Southern Nevada’s tourism industry.

    McCarran reported 3.9 million passengers flying to and from the airport for the month, a 9.9 percent decline from August 2007. It was the steepest percentage decline since the post-9/11 era, overshadowing July’s 8.6 percent decrease from the previous year.

    The August passenger totals brought the eight-month total for the year to 30.7 million passengers, 4.8 percent fewer than the first eight months of 2007.

    Only one of the top five airlines serving McCarran had more passengers in August than it had a year earlier.

    American Airlines, one of the few carriers increasing capacity to the Las Vegas market in August over the previous year, had 189,728 passengers, 7.5 percent more than it had a year earlier. American, the No. 5 carrier at McCarran by passenger counts, increased the number of seats it has coming into the market by 5.7 percent.

    The top four carriers showed declines in August. Southwest Airlines served 1.4 million passengers (down 7.3 percent), US Airways – one of the leading capacity cutters – had counts fall to 651,124 (down 22.9 percent), United had 264,949 (down 4.8 percent) and Delta Air Lines was at 191,874 (down 15.8 percent).
  8. dr. steph just tore you up.

    you got served!

    (and he didn't even mention YOY casino profits).