If the economy is such ..

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  1. shit then why are so many people talking about it? Shouldn't people be looking for jobs and scavenging for food instead of blogging, posting, discussing, and reading about how bad the economy is? According to the media no one has jobs. No one has money.
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    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
  3. Anybody who followed your advice is indeed scavenging for food and has no money. Have you noticed you have no fan club anymore? They lost everthing and cannot pay for internet service. The only reason you can is you live at home. Plus, we all know you didn't have real money, it was all fiction!
  4. Hmm it seems the best people can do is attack me rather than the argument itself. That is a bullish sign.
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    You have no argument.

    Its pointless trying to have a rational discussion with you....you are one step above a troll - and I'm being pretty generous with that characterization.
  6. Stock trad3r lets say you were right the majority of the time with your bullish calls. Now imagine having some nimrod post on every forum 24/7 saying your wrong your wrong your wrong when in fact you were right and already sold for profit. You even showed the nimrod the chart and the proof of your trade.

    Not only were you right but you had a successful system that showed that you were right except that one nimrod keeps saying your wrong. The nimrod never, i repeat never gives any proof of deep insight or analysis into the market besides superficial fundamental impulses.

    You are the nimrod buddy.
  7. God bless you Turder. You sure can take a beating.

    It's a shame you see everything as bullish.

    Take a big shit in the morning, hey that must be bullish.

    Your dog gets hit by a bus, hey that must be bullish.

    You have a wet dream starring Bea Arthur, hey that must be bullish.

    Your account runs out of money, hey that must be bullish.
  8. I'm just blogging in a van down by the river. Thank god I'm picking up a wifi signal from the local church nearby.

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