If Texas secedes, who inherits the Iraq war debt?

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Who should pay for Iraq war debt?

  1. Republic of Texas

    3 vote(s)
  2. 49 states of the USA

    6 vote(s)
  3. G. W. Bush

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  1. Should the state that gave us G. W. Bush pay for his wrongs?
  2. I thought there were 50 states and 2 territories
  3. Serious discussion of Texas seceding is a joke.

    Remember, Texas was part of the confederacy and got steamrolled. If Rick Perry is dumb enough to mention secession in a serious way FBI will haul him off to jail blagojevich style.

    Treason is not something anyone wants to be charged with.
  4. Interesting question. I've been wondering when someone would take us to court for all the destruction and mayhem we caused in Iraq.
  5. No let Bill Clinton pay for it.
  6. Arnie


  7. Arnie


    Who inherits the bigger debt that Obama has created in his first 50 days?

    The costs for the war in Iraq pale in comparison.