If suffering was an economic ressources... what would it be used for?

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  1. Hi,

    This a serious question... And I am sure it's only in reality oriented mind that I will find this answer :D.

    So why do you think that the "system" is done to make the people suffer ? ( 37k children die a day ).

    I know that everything done has a purpose... What's your opinion on it. I think that seeing suffering as a needed ressource for certain kind of entity, will reveal what they used it for... :confused:

    thing that creates easly suffering :

    enslaving People's mind

    Comments ? Do you see my point ?
  2. Survival of the fittest.
  3. If suffering was an economic ressources... what would it be used for?

    Ob/gyn save many more babies that previously might have died and ensuing consequences of children with physical or mental dysfuntions. The politcally correct term is "consumers" for those who use social resources.

  4. What's Ob/gyn stand for ?

    I think that you are right more people live today as 100 years ago! that's the beauty of creativity ! However I hope that the long-term cyclical goal isn't to make bigger suffering possible ?
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    So Goldman can get their bonuses.
  6. The long-term cyclical goal is to discard common sense. For example, rehabilitation of violent criminals or sex offenders etc.
  7. I was thinking more along the lines of the keeping the trial lawyers busy :D
  8. because it leads to intution ? intution that can the lead to the truth ?
  9. You get a letter from UNICEF in the mail, telling you that a donation of $200 will save a dozen innocent third-world children. Without even considering donating, you throw the envelope away.

    Truth, intuition, or common sense?