If StemCells cures are found, should Republicans be prevented from recieaving it?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Jul 8, 2006.

Should republicans be prevented from using stemcell cures?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. No, I meant of minor age. If she's age of consent, then everyone's just jealous.

    By the way... how old are you?
    #21     Jul 9, 2006
  2. the problem nik is that we live in diffrent countries. The age of consent here in canada is 14. Its like legal downloading, its legal in canada. And there isnt anything the united states of america can do about it. canada is a soverign nation.
    Its just like the death penalty for that matter. In canada the death penalty is considered illegal and is also considered murder. How would youl like it if canadian mounties arrested american judges for violating canadian law :D

    #22     Jul 9, 2006
  3. 27 :D

    QUOTE]Quote from traderNik:

    No, I meant of minor age. If she's age of consent, then everyone's just jealous.

    By the way... how old are you?
    #23     Jul 9, 2006
  4. lol... you know what? I don't believe you. But I do envy you the taste you're getting.
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  5. 10,000 yrs from now how will we think of god? i think god is on his way out. he served a purpose, once, but now he's just in the way.

    we need unfettered stem cell research and we need it now
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  6. lol whatever age, I am, its still not illegal. I just want some american here to bitch to some american lawyer or something. And go why cant we prosecute this canadian guy in canada for breaking american law. Those Im in canada, and never did anything america. Cant we do anything about it. Ummmm no, Im a canadian citizen in canada, following the laws of canada, doing stuff in canada :D
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  7. True. So when a sweaty fat 34 year old who can't get an adult to enter into a relationship with him because he's an idiot manipulates a 14-year old child and defiles her... it's legal. Right you are.

    It's funny, mahram. You seem to approach different arguments from different sides of the moral fence, depending on the outcome you need to generate....

    If your girlfriend is 17, I am still jealous. But not of your mentality. If you want sex with a 17 year old you should just be a man and pay for it.
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  8. By the way, that law will be gone within a few years so make sure you keep up and change your strategy when the age of consent goes up. CBC radio had a thing about it just last week...

    now back to stem cell research and the absurd suggestion that those who oppose it on ethical grounds, and their progeny, should be denied treatments which derive from such research.
    #28     Jul 9, 2006
  9. yeah to 16, which is still legal :D...but apparenly the conservatives arent going to get it passed. Due to the fact that they steamed up the entire party about selling out to softwood lumber to the US..and the whole afghan debacle. Im betting on another election after october. If any more canadians die in afghanistan you better bet there is going to be an outcry for elections.

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  10. Stalker baby NikyLiky, LMAO....

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