If StemCells cures are found, should Republicans be prevented from recieaving it?

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Should republicans be prevented from using stemcell cures?

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  1. My question is that if stem cell cures are found, should republicans be prevented from recieaving those cures? It would only be fair. They blocked for years any attempt to use embryonic stem cells. And if cures are found, the republicans and their families should not be able to benefit from it. Even if there children are in need.

  2. Of course not.

    Stupid question.

    No person should be denied health care, period.

    Their wrong in blocking stem cell research is no reason to make another wrong by not helping them if they need help, and help is available.

    Please try to overcome your eye for an eye bullcrap...
  3. why not. The republicans are basically sentencing millions of people to death. and 10's of millions more to hellish lives. Prolonging the pain of millions. they shouldnt be allowed to benefit from any cures they tried to block. Hey it would thin there genetic pool, if there children were blocked to.

  4. It is not a known fact that repression of stem cell research will necessarily retard the development of new cures, we certainly have not seen new cures coming from China where research with stem cells has no restrictions.

    I personally am in favor of such research, and do disagree with those who want to block it, however, I would never deny them the benefits of science if science can help them with pain and suffering, with disease and extension of human life.

    However, even if the efforts of a political group to block stem cell research does slow down science, those new developments that do come should be available for all.

    It is called humanity, and humane treatment of all people.

    A doctor doesn't refuse to treat a patient simply because he disagrees with his politics.

    Please try to rise above your shallow and petty eye for an eye rhetoric, and understand part of humane treatment is fair and equal application of medicine to all, no matter whether or not you think they deserve it...

  5. Ricter


    Reminds me of an old joke.

    "I don't think lesbians should be allowed to use dildos: they made their choice."
  6. ZZZzzzz if somebody repressed the cure to cancer. And those people just didnt care and watched as your family died of cancer. What if the republicans held up funding for cancer research that could have cured your mother,father, son, daughter,or wife. What would you think then ZZZzzz? Those same people that protested, as soon as the cures started coming up, are the first ones to beg for use of it. Personally, it would limit the genetic filth of those people from spreading. And allow a better culture to arise. if they are willing to allow millions to suffer and die, they shouldnt be allowed to use the benefits.

  7. And to answer your question on the cures from china. They spend only a small percentage compared to us funding. And alot of international companies get funding from american sources. So there is a cross patch, and they have to abide by american rules to recieave funding. Also universities who get federal funding, the people who do the basic research, cant do embryonic stem cell research b/c they have to follow federal guidelines or lose funding.

    ZZZzzzz if 10 years from now, they find a cure, why should those people who protested, who made millions suffer and die be allowed to benefit from a cure.

    ZZzzz how would you feel if somebody like Jerry fallwel who protested, decides he needs the cure. Or if his children needs the cure. But for 10 years he protested blocking those cures. And he watched as your children, wife, family died of a dieases that could have been cured? Wouldnt you be pissed as crazy.
  8. There is no advancement in society, no humanity, if we don't act humanely.

    Our goal should not be to act as stupid as Republicans, but rather act humanely and give health care to everyone and anyone who needs it.

    Try to let go of your problem with holding resentments, act toward others as you would want them to act toward you.

    It is not about how they choose to act, but by which standards are we to act as civilized human beings.

    Your revenge oriented thinking is just plain wrong.

  9. reg


    Typical Iranian/Moslem way of thinking. Truly "an eye for an eye" mentality.
    This is why it really was a bad idea for allowing people like you to enter and live in a western society. A total ban on Middle Easterners from immigrating to western countries would, to use your own words, "limit the genetic filth of those people from spreading."
    Allow us to take care of our own problems here in North America, and you are also very much welcome to go back to Iran and help take care of your problems back home.
  10. Eye for an eye revenge mentality is hardly patented by Muslims.

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