If someone has the power, why do they position themselves as a victim?

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Who is the victim in the Middle East?

  1. Israel

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  2. Palestinians

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  3. Both

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  4. Neither

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  5. The United States

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  1. One common theme in the conflict between the Israelis/Zionists/Jews and the Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims is that both sides are constantly claiming to be victims.

    My question is this:

    Who has the power, and who really is the victim?

    If a person has the power to stop something, or make something happen, and they don't, then are they really a victim, or do they simply want to garner sympathy?

    If Israel really inferior to the power of Hamas and those they claim are terrorists?

    Couldn't Israel crush their enemy? Don't they have the nuclear weapons to destroy their enemy?

    If Israel has the power, then why do they act, sound like, and position themselves as victims?

    Something doesn't really add up.

    Israel really doesn't care what anyone thinks...do they?

    Do they really care what Americans would think? What Euros would think? What the Red Chinese would think?

    What super power would stop them from implementing their military power? What army would step in to stop Israel?

    Would the rest of the world actually sanction them?
  2. Illogical nonsense. The victim is not the side with less power, the victim is the side that gets threatened, the victim is the side that gets attacked.

    If you're bitten by a mad dog you're the victim, not the dog even if you have a stick or a gun.

    Duh!!! What a moron does one need to be to equate "weak" with "victim"?
  3. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Israel:5 mln jews
    The Arab world: 350 mln arabs

    The jews are outnumbered 70:1 and that's just against the Arabs, it does not take the 1.5 billion strong muslim world into account

    Yep, the arab world, some victim!!!
  4. except for children and women under 20, weak people can be killed, and in the real world are almost always either put to work (hard labor) or killed (if they talk too much)

    it sucks to be weak, and weak people suck, Palestinians are weak assholes, who support a piece of crap like allah and his dumb ass theories, and are willing to die for it, so let's give them what they want; nuke the shit out of them and their like
  5. why doesn't that map include fucking iran, parts of iran are arabs, and the fars in iran are half arabs half afganis, even their fucking stupid language is similar to that of the arabs, many words, almost 50% of their cheap farsi language is made up of arabian words
  6. You make as much sense as a henpecked battered husband...


    A bull of a man, 6' 4" 225 lbs is battered by his 5' 2" 98 lb wife.

    Over, and over, and over again...

    He has the power to leave her, has the power to crush her, but says "I can't."

    He claims he is a victim.

    He ain't...he is a volunteer.

    Just like Israel is...

    They have the power, they don't exercise it...which means they are not a victim.

  7. Fair enough, Irans does deserve to be mentioned:

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has openly called for Israel to be wiped off the map.

    Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map according to Al-Jazeera, no less. According to Z10 Iran is the victim.
  8. Post a link to where I wrote:

    "Iran is the victim."

    If not, that would indicate that you just made it up without any foundation...that would be called lying...making false claims, etc.

  9. What part of 5 mln Israelis occupying less than 0.2% (two tenth of one percent) of Middle Eastern land against 350 million arabs occupying 99.8% of Middle Eastern land don't you understand?

    More importantly in your trolling fervor you missed the main point of my post - the victim is not the one who is weak but the one who is threatened (i.e. to be wiped off the map) and attacked (i.e. Kassam/Katyusha rocket attacks).
  10. Excellent example. This is something that never happens and will never, ever happen. You prove the case against your own argument.

    Tom Cruise and the Scientologists demand 'clearer' thinking than that, ZZZzzzenu.

    How are Israel supposed to nuke every radical Muslim on the planet?

    Just a stupid example all around.
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