If Sadam made a deal with CIA, how it will influence the market?

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    There is a leaking news that Sadam made a deal with CIA. CIA promised Sadam's safety if his militarty soldiers just surrender or disappear while US & UK military force arrive in Bagdad. It looks like Russia played a middle agent role for the deal. There is a rumor that Sadam might be hiding in the Russia embassy in Iraq. How will it affect the market & US public opinion, if it is true....
  2. what's your source for this? a friend at the pentagon? :D

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  4. Russians are denying that Sadaam is at their embasy in Baghdad and I believe them .
    They already smuggled him into Syria .
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    Sadaam has no power now and will have no power. Therefore he's useless to the Russians. All oil/arms agreements signed by his regieme are now meaningless. There is no advantage to them to help Sadaam. He can only be a negative factor via his knowledge of secret deals that they lied about to the world. They would just kill him.
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    The interesting thing is that Iraq owes hundreds of billions of dollars. America and Britain want those debts written off because they think the new regime should not be responsible for Saddam's lunacy.

    Now for the good part ................most of Iraq's foreign debt is owed to France and Russia.

    Interesting times?
  7. April 8, 2003, 1846hrs MSK (GMT +4 DST), Moscow - Events of the last 2 days have made further work of Ramzaj group in its current format impossible.

    With the embassy personnel and journalists having left Iraq and most of Iraqi information services evacuated from Baghdad, analysis of the situation in Baghdad and Iraq as a whole becomes ineffective.


    this site was providing daily updates on the war from russian intelligence, was very interesting while it lasted, providing a seemingly more factual analysis of the war.

    goto the main page and click on the dated reports to get a feel for how this war is being fought.

    only deal i think the CIA would offer saddam would be to let them put a bullet in his head.

  8. Saddam makes deal with CIA.....lol....this article, like many others, belongs in a tabloid newspaper, right beside the *ROBOT HAS BABY* article. :D