if republicans destroy medicare you will be forced to pay for your parents care.

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  1. this is something i never knew until recently. children in most states can be forced to pay for their parents health care and nursing home care.

    there are old laws on the books of most states called filial support laws.
    they basically give hospitals and nursing homes the right to sue and take assets from children of parents for payment of care. the medicare and medicade laws provided a shield for relatives of patients. if republicans destroy medicare, something they have promised and already voted to do, you are going to get sued. are you sure you want what republicans have in store for you?

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    Unless your parents are under the age of 45, not one republican has talked about touching medicare for anyone over the age of 45. Nice job at the fear mongering. Once again, you come up short on the facts.
  3. Medicare in its existing state is being destroyed.
  4. speaking of facts. republican apologists dont even know what they are defending:

    Under the plan, drawn up by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and adopted by the House in mid-April, future Medicare enrollees now younger than 55 would no longer receive guaranteed benefits. Instead, the government would provide a set amount of money to buy private insurance on their own.

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    Every plan I have seen mentioned is 45 and younger. I think this article maybe incorrect. Regardless if it isn't, all the other plans are 45 and younger. I highly doubt the 55 year and younger would ever pass the house as almost all Republicans threw Paul Ryan under the bus when he came out with the plan.
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    Hey Un-Thinker, speaking of Medicare, how about the 'FACT' that Obamacare guts Medicare for $500 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!! You remember that one??? The gutting of Medicare by the Democrats ramming through Obama's trillion dollar healthcare legislation. Democrats are raiding Medicare in order to cover the 30 million people, which will include millions of illegal immigrants, who will get insurance once Obamacare in fully implemented in 2014.
    Don't you just love how libertards try to portray the GOP as the ones who want to ruin Medicare, while it's the Democrats that have 'actually done it'!!!
    Oh, and don't forget about the Medicare 'Death' panels that are being formed with Obamacare's passage, so once are deemed as too old and expensive to get those cancer treatments, the Obama Doucheocrat Medicare panel will say they won't treat you.
    Why were the Democrats absolutely destroyed in the 2010 elections? Was it the economy? Many think it was more about Obamacare and the raiding of half a trillion dollars from Medicare. Just wait until 2012. lol Another Douchecrat bitch beatdown a cometh!!!
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    There's a LOT you don't know.