if qqqq closes under 44.50

Discussion in 'Trading' started by empee, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. empee


    43.50 on the qqqq's tests here we come!!
  2. empee


    ill look to short the gap up tommorow, ideally it will gap up, i will short 1 tick below today's close with a stop at the high. (the high == tommorow's high at the time I short)
  3. empee


    well, QQQQ very strong, this trade has been negated. I'm turning bullish, at least for another thrust attempt.

    I made 1/2 a pt. on NQ short.
  4. Hi;
    QQQQ is about due for a nice pullback;
    maybe like SPY, headed for 52 week high.

    Maybe $45.45 area;
    about $1.00 from today close of 44.45.

    Not a prediction & really dont have a strong conviction on whether it pull s back nicely this week or not .

  5. =============
    Good timing, its now 12;12 noon;
    and i like to read about polar bear & bull moose trends:cool:

    QQQQ, if you dont like the 50 dma;
    wait a bit , the trend changes.