if pshchology is the answer,then psychologist must be the 1%

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  1. ironically,they are the 90%. losers in the trading.

    losers often have the same sympotom: they blame.

    they lose because their psych is not good?


    even you have the best psych, you will still lose, that is a fact.

    for example, if you down big, you still calm. sounds good psych, but you are losing.

    trading is not psych game.
    otherwise those from top psych schools should be the 1%.

    trading is an intelligent game: both technical and fundamental
  2. ChDong


    yes you are correct

    Successful trading is 100% pure intellect, the ability to think like a well programmed software

    If I do this
    market does this

    then I do this
    market does this

    then I stop or continue to do this
    market does this

    People are sadly sadly deficient, in fact people are so stupid that I could post a hardcore edge right here in public and 99% would be too stupid to use it.

    Studies show that fluoridated water decreases child's IQ for life. This is REAL.

    Hitler also used high doses of fluoride to keep prisoners from rebelling or escaping

    Human children that are naturally smart would be brilliant geniuses if it wasn't for damage to their brains. And those with "regular" IQ would have been smarter if it wasn't for drugged water.

    I know you don't believe me, nor are you smart enough to verify it yourself For what it's worth. It isn't your fault you are slow.
    You are a victim.
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    Did you dig your own well? I want to to drink what you are drinking! :D :D :D
  4. Redneck


    Ever consider a trader with the proper psychological make wouldn’t have "big" losing trades in the first place

    No you probably wouldn’t – Sorry my bad

    BTW – "big" obviously means relative to one’s net trading capital

    I have losing trades all the time

    But then I’m only an unitltelliget rendeck

  5. If psych isn't the answer than why is confidence in the market everything?

  6. The top "psychologists" work for Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, JP Morgan Chase, etc. They don't have to trade money because you willingly give them your money. Instead they trade other things.
  7. ================
    Great points,Red

    But even if Mike Marcus had 100% losing trades in CA real estate;
    he changed some trends so to speak & improved.Thats wisdom.:cool:
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    Psychology is only part of the answer. The secret to the puzzle is an intuitive ability to read the markets, based on relentless study of the behavior of price action. If you can achieve that then psychology become important; if not, then psychology is of no use. Developing an intuitive ability to read the market is as close to the Holy Grail as you'll get. Douglas talks about this in "Trading in the Zone", with the key word being the "Zone".
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    If this were true -- and it's partly true -- a black box could extract money from the market consistently but nothing could be farther from the truth. The missing factor is the human element. A good analogy is some people are the Tom Brady or the Drew Brees of trading. They have raw talent that had to be developed. They were born with an innate ability to throw a football but they had to go through a rigorous trainng process. The same is true for trading. There is no easy road, no free lunch, and the majority lacks the innate ability to read the market to trade it profitably.

  10. No wonder you are broke and I am rich.
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