If Palin loses, Will she Blame God?

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  1. Palin puts US election outcome 'in God's hands'

    WASHINGTON (AFP) - Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin is putting the outcome of the November 4 election "in God's hands," she told a Christian evangelical leader on Wednesday.

    Questioned by James Dobson on his national radio program about opinion polls that suggest the Republican ticket is trailing, John McCain's running mate said she was "not discouraged at all."

    Neocons love to play the blame game, one wonders if they'll resort to blaming god.

    interesting to note Dobson is a fellow who forced Abrahmson to give him kick backs from gambling money.

    Do these people really believe in God? Their culture of greed, ignorance, hate, violence and materialism is against everything taught by the great Democrat Jesus.
  2. Everything that happens on this planet and beyond is in God's hands. Palin's defeat, Obama's victory.
  3. No, she is running in 2012 for president; already distancing herself from McCain.



  4. that was quite apparent to any sane observer in the first week.

    this was NEVER McCains campaign once he selected Palin.

    this was Palins campaign, McCain was just tagging along.

    It'll be a long time before hell freezes over and some one like Palin is selected as American president ever again.

    Republicons are doomed as a party.

    These are the last days before history relegates this disgusting group to the trash bin.

    Watching the fracticide as the moneyed class re-work the party will be interesting.

    The republicon money class, those who actually fund everything, despise and loath the average "joe the plumber".

    There will be a mass "remediation" program where the platform will be re-worked to remove religion out of it.
  5. You live in racist Australia. Mind your own store.
  6. Ozzie eh?

    I remember the last time I was in Sydney the white shop keepers in the CBD were convinced that the Islamo-Indo's were gonna come screaming across the straights at any moment and take over the country.

    They were so cute in their little terror. Ah ...the Convict Isle...it's the US in 1951 all over again.

  7. sg20


    Everyone has their own belief and ambition; some people look to god for spiritual guidance. Every time I see a fighter doing the cross I just felt happy for him because he found faith in god and hope in his life and I wondered who is going get in the way of his belief. For none believers, no one is going to stick a gun to your head to make you a believer. JFK was a catholic and that doesn’t have any affect on his policy as a president. If Obama became president, would he impose his believes in you, I would doubt it but it’s the uncomfortable feeling every time I think about it; is he going to continued his supports for the terrorist leader in Kenya, will be impose his radical views on American youth, will he be a muslim with the hidden agenda, who knows. God bless the USA.
  8. I'll pray for you, for God to bestow serenity and peace of mind upon you. and to liberate you from bigotry and hate. Amen
  9. Ok, I'll take the bait. I can imagine that if a rat took the bait enough times, he could learn to set his own traps. :D

    Uh, God has no hands. We are his hands and feet and, er...

    Hold on! If God has no hands, and we are his hands, then we must not exist. :eek:

    Maybe this planet is one of God's marbles. Perhaps he has lost his marbles. But if God's has no hands, maybe he has no marbles too.

    The marbles must be Self-losing marbles, the kind that lose themSelves.

  10. I've been agnostic for many years. I've been on the other side, I've ridiculed people on the "stupidity" of the whole thing.
    Faith is a very subjective thing. free to you to be a cynic. I'm not. I believe in God more than I believe in my own existence.
    Look deeper, he's there.
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