If Only Maher Had Said Fag Instead of Kill Cheney....

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  1. Had Coulter said what she said in the context of a comedy show instead of the premier conservative political action committee which hosted all the little bow-tied republicans perhaps she would have been cut a bit of slack. Further douche bags like Rommney laughed at her comments in real time....only later after gauging the fallout did he find fault with her.

    Had Bill Maher said what he said at some official Democratic function AND NOT been criticized in real time then of course there should be blame.

    Context is everything Pabst....you know this.

    Anne Coutler is one distuging fucking cunt. If she changed her venues to comedy shows instead of serious political debate she may find herself a whole new audience instead of just hardcore rigth-wingers. But of course she can't...because she doesn't say things in jest. The cunt is dead serious. And I don't know which s more disturbing...her or the whack jobs who buy her books and cheer her on when she's on fox news.
  2. A guy would have to be a brain dead, died in the wool kool-aid drinker to stand up for Coulter. Surely your putting us on?
  3. Weirdly Doc, I've barely seen or read Coulter. Even media whore blondes avoid me.:) Most of my Fox viewing is NFL Sundays.

    Years ago Maher used to entertain me. That is until I discovered his Libertarian stance on drugs is his only rebuttal to big government and nannyism. Not to mention his penchant for slapping around women he's dating.

    Here's what I found ironic if not funny. Vapid, pretty boy candidates like Edwards are more than happy using their "looks" to entice stupid women voters. If a sarcastic chick like Coulter says in jest "ewe he's a fag" suddenly it's libelous. Yet if he really was a homosexual the media would have a field day taking shots at him. Her comment was so CLEARLY in jest I give it a 1 on the offensive meter.

    Maher's bullshit was criminally offensive. Because Cheney's an asshole Maher got a pass. One separates policy from personal. Guys like you and me hated Clinton. IMO him and Reno will answer for Waco on Judgement Day. However I never felt ill will for the guy. Or Saddam either for that matter.......
  4. So you think only despicable jerks substitute name-calling for rational argument?
  5. Another intellectual giant.
  6. Are you inferring you are a Coulter fan? Your kidding right? Of all the issues and people a far right winger can stand for and your standing up for Coulter, get real and pass the kool-aid. The problem with all you fanatics and this is to the far left too, y'all stand up for the most stupid people and ideas if you think they're on your side. The hardest thing for fanatics is thinking clear and not following the herd mentality. Of course once you think clear and on your own you can't completely put yourself in any radical political group. Lets here your intellectual argument for Coulter, show us your intellectual genius.
  7. You know me man...I couldn't give two shits about the bitch really.

    Though I'm always blown away by people who say the haven't watched/listened to Fox or Rush or whomever. I watch and listen to them all time. As do I to MSNBC or Air America. I know most people listen and watch opinions with which they agree. Human nature. I try to force myself to listen to all sides....as distasteful as that may be.

    Maher tends crack me up on his HBO show. Coulter is a hideous cunt. Clinton/Reno was/are the devil.

    Overall I can't be bothered with this today since I'm short the ER2 from 94.20

    Best to you mate.

  8. These are glorious markets Doc! (although Corn is pissing me off) It's like the old days again.

    I used to ba a devotee of O'Reilly until '02 or so but his populist market shit started pissing me off. I'm sure Coulter used to be on his show back then but I could never tell her and Laura Ingraham apart.....

    Ever since I got Sirius I've been more of a stuck in the 70's guy. Especially after my evening toke......:)

  9. the only fans coulter the cunt have are the ones that walk on 4.
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