if one has $400,000 how much can you make

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  1. If one has $400,000, how much can one expect to make trading on TA? I know that this depends, but what are some numbers?
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    if anyone at all responds to this question, they will tell you that it is not really meaningful - you can make all the money in the world or you could lose it all in a flash. i would recommend asking something more specific.

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  3. How did you make $400,000 ? :)
  4. $400,000 isnt neccasarily hard to make. Think of all those stocks that ramped up 400% from the summer time. There were quite a few characters who ran in with heavy leverage and went long.

    Then before the summer time there were the energy stocks in 2005. I remember stocks like TMY going from the 2 to 7 bucks. There were quite a few China stocks too that your familiar with...

    To make that kind of cash, all you have to do is be in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, times like the summer are scary times to throw all your cash into a few stocks. Its relatively easy to throw cash at stocks when they are at the top with the attitude of buy high, sell higher.

    It takes balls to get in at the very bottom when everyone else is very scared. . .
  5. I believe a retail trader, with a low cost broker like IB, can make 20%-40% in a relatively safe and consistent manner, with little chance of a blowout.

    But it requires solid trading knowledge, persistence, experience and a good system or method. IOW no guessing or fly by the seat of your pants trades.

    Just MHO.

    Best to all. :cool:
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  7. F*ck trading - stick with the cards!!! :p
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    wow, yes, that is very impressive! did you do this online?
  9. i would but... damn govt banned US poker, you can still play but holy $hit all the action died out
  10. Not sure.... but I can tell you exactly how much you can lose
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