If Obama won would you favor a military Coup d'etat

Discussion in 'Politics' started by omegapoint, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. That is to overthrow an Obama incumbancy and install McCain?
  2. Naw, we'd have to listen to the Dem's crying about bringing the troops home from D.C.
  3. No need for all that. Just one less supreme court justice and we could rule the land.

  4. I'd hope we could find someone better than McCain if we went to all that trouble.
  5. Ummm... how many SC justices do you feel have been appointed by Republicans now?

  6. Typical democrat. First, he's mumbling, like he hasn't yet sobered up from the night before, then he asks me about my "feelings". That's all that matters to the lesser people in this world. How do you "feel" about this, how do you "feel" about that. This is precisely why they always come up with wrong policy prescriptions.

    Guess what. There are one too many liberal justices on the court. One less and we will rule the world. It just doesn't matter to those who want to actually "change" things how we "feel" about it.:p
  7. sicko thread
  8. The reason I ask how you many you feel are there is because seven of the nine Supreme Court Justices were appointed by Republicans.

    I'd also like to know how having eight justices appointed by Republicans will really seal the deal -- why not all nine? Then you can wiretap my genitalia directly.

    Just wondering what Fox News is reporting.