If Obama wins Florida, the race is over!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by RussellDaytrade, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. And it looks like he will!
  2. clacy


    Not exactly earth shattering that if McCain loses FL he loses the election, but yes, this race appears to be over.
  3. CNN says pennsylvania goes Obama...its over...
  4. Its looking good but lets not get over excited until it is fully confirmed!!!!!
  5. I think Obama wins it too, but PA is a non issue. Kerry & Gore both took PA and lost. It isn't even a battleground state.:confused:
  6. It's actually too close to call. McCain might pull it off if he takes one of the southern counties and he has chance in one of them and he is behind 5 points so far.
  7. Talk about a dead heat in the popular vote though.
  8. AAA30


    They are giving McCain a 3% chance on intrade 33 to 1 if he wins.
  9. Update, Cnn gives Obama,

    Michigan, wisconsin, minnisota, New york. Obama definately taking Ohio, Florida and PA, i just hope that he can knick Indiana!!!

    According to CNN on electoral votes:
    Mccain- 49
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    obama hasnt flipped 1 red state yet I would not count mcain out...
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