If Obama were a stock, it would be time sell.

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  1. Obama made $5.5 million in 2009. For year ended 2011 he made $789k. This means that in 2 years his income fell over 85%!! If he were a company, would you really keep holding on to him?

    How is this guy going to fix the countries financial problems, when he cant even keep his own income from dropping like a rock. Looking at previous years tax returns, Obama was doing pretty good (under Bush) He had several years where he made over a million. In 2006 he made 1.6 million. Bushes last year in office,Obama made $2.6 million. And remember...that of that $789k he made in 2011, $400k came from his presidential paycheck.

    The only people still holding on to Obama are the same idiots you see that buy a stock when its $100 per share, and hold it all the way down to $3 per share and say to themselves...Just have to give it a few more years...it will come back.
  2. :D

    His best earning years are over.

    You watch, he'll be passing a plate in some tent revival meeting when he loses.

    Pass that plate "right away"...:cool:
  3. Most of Obamas income was from book sales,he hasn't been writing books lately because he has that other job

    When Obama leaves office in 2017 he will be writing new books and hit the paid speaking circuit .His income will skyrocket like Clinton's
  4. Needless to say, most are oblivious to this. Its like hammering on a piano that has no keys on it.
  5. Yeah, but will the state dept still buy his books.
  6. Maybe.They only spent 70,000 so it would have very little affect on his income
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    He'll have Bill Ayres write his "memoirs" next year when his is out of office and he'll get one more big income bump before going on the liberal speaking tour.

    Of course, he won't be able to order a government department to buy most of his books this time around.
  8. Just about every single politican in the U.S. makes more money when they are in the private sector than when they are in office. You can chose just about any major politican that does not have a large family trust fund and see the same type of result.

    When the politican is in office he/she can not be the operating CEO of a company, can not be on a paid speaker circuit, can not be out promoting books/media for sale, and plenty of other limitations on earning income when you are being paid in elected office.
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    He should have kept his day job of writing books about his unremarkable life and complete lack of real accomplishments.
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