If Obama Should Win You'll Need One Of These

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    <img src="http://blogs.cars.com/.a/6a00d83451b3c669e2017ee4aa3c99970d-pi">

    You may know the word “survivor” as an older pickup truck that has not been restored, but rather preserved in as much of its original condition as the wear and tear of years on the road has permitted.

    This story isn’t about one of those.

    This story is about the Survivor Truck, but that’s survivor as in surviving nuclear, biological, chemical or any other sort of warfare, or even famine and pestilence, for that matter.

    Jim DeLozier, who says he’s a “security consultant,” built and brought this truck to the SEMA Show. It's a truck meant to be as secure as anything anyone likely has ever built.

    Beneath the 360-degree protective cage, armored sniper platform, command and communications center with full Faraday cage, and assorted storage compartments is a Chevrolet C-70, but one with an engine modified to run on a variety of fuels.

    DeLozier says the truck carries enough freeze-dried food and has its own water purification, generation and desalination systems to enable his family to live for as long as two years well off the grid, producing the electricity it needs via solar and mobile generators.

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    That doesn't look like a hankie.
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    Tsing Tao

    Having spent years living in Moscow, and being a part of the Russian culture (which now lives in my house as well) I can tell you without question that the Russian government wants Obama to win because they feel he is a joke. The very last thing they want is a strong President in the White House as it is against their national interest.

    edit: I also read a bit more of this quote in the Russian language, and it is not conveyed in the same manner as the telegraph has it.
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    I imagine ALL of our enemies, potential and current, would like to see Obama win.

    That's really all a voter needs to know.
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    They've all endorsed Obama including China's Jintao, Putin, Castro and Chavez. They like the idea of a weak America with a huge slash in defense spending.