if Obama nationalizes the oil companies

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  1. What would that do to price of oil, supply and demand?
  2. he can't nationalize foreign companies.
  3. Thanks for the common sense response. You took the words out of my mouth.
    Even if he tried with the national companies, impeachment wouldn't be too far away.
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    You think this band of socialists in the senate or the house would impeach him, they are complicit with obama. The very fact that anyone actually believes this senate or house would impeach this anti-American president is laughable!!!!!!

    These senators would applaud this.
  6. Yeah, but maybe he'll promise their CEOs and other top officers "prominent positions in the U.S. gov't" if they comply. :D
  7. I am with you brother, a southern Tea Party idiot and pride of it.:D :D
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    No , but he can kick out all foreign oil companies and create his own government run division to run all oil processing and drilling in America. That would be one large step for communism one giant leap back in evolution.
  9. Exactly. I never said BP as I am aware that it is not a US company.

    So, no one has any idea what effect that could have on price, supply, demand?

  10. except only ~10% of the oil we use in the US is domestic, and they already regulate domestic production...
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