If Obama leads/leaders USA into Word War 3

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  1. USA army will be wiped out in 20 days if Obama leads/leaders USA into Word War 3.

    In year 1977, there was a Pentagon report which said if there is war between USA and Russia then USA air force will be wiped out in 17 days.

    China has boasted that they can field an army of 200 million men. Since China is allying with Russia, Pakistan, Iran, and central Asia with all of that oil and gas, it's a potentially great global shift, if they can solve their bureaucracy problems. Chinese have an unlimited surplus of young fighting age men with no wives to be able to send anywhere in the world.

    There is serious threat of world war 3 because of uncontrollable world high inflation and other world problems.
  2. Don't look now, but the sky is falling.
  3. USA will be fine
  4. One nuke would turn them into a field of diarrhea. A large scale war in this age with the most powerful countries wouldn't be anything like world war two. If anything nukes are the one reason there won't be a war.
  5. Geez fellow, go back and hide in your closet. All you post is negative BS. I think it's time for you to see a Dr.
  6. Will this global Scrabble confrontation be in English, Russian, Chinese or a combination of the three?
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  9. Obama Seems Clearly To Be America's Undertaker by Jack D. Douglas

    Undertaker means man who makes arrangements for the funeral.

    The Undertaker of the U.S. seems an appropriate nickname for him or whoever is writing this script. Bush 2 and all his evil elves left us in a Growing Black Hole of debts, costs, losing wars, plunging real learning, and everything else that produced this Great Crisis and trapped us in it. Obama furiously sped up digging that Black Hole, poured out trillions in new inflated paper, pumped up vast Bubbles in all the paper asset prices, doubled and tripled the troops in the losing war in Afghanistan, and did everything vastly more that is rushing us toward Implosion. I literally do not believe anything he says unless it is independently verified in air tight ways. I have been showing in vast detail that he is lying about almost everything.

    There is no question whatsoever that Nixon was far superior in knowledge and statesmanlike intelligence and wisdom to all of our other presidents since Eisenhower. He inherited an insane and incredibly vicious War Against Vietnam from JFK and LBJ and all of their pseudo-intellectual goon squads. He appointed Kissinger to help him begin massive work to bring peace in Vietnam and Cambodia and Laos, find a way to open full diplomatic and other relations with China to end their isolation and make them the tacit U.S. ally in pressuring the USSR and their puppets into a nuclear and general detente to try to end the insane MAD, and worked furiously with his economic advisors to end the soaring debts of JFK and LBJ, to get control of inflation, prevent the flight from the dollar, bring the economy back, reverse the steady decline of the U.S. in education and all other important ways, and end the growing civil war in the streets and campuses of the U.S.

    They faced the last major, general crisis of the U.S. up to the Great Crisis we are now trapped in. Few Americans today know now ghastly the situation was that they inherited. Vietnam alone was a catastrophe and plunging the whole U.S. economy into stagflation. I thought they needed to move faster on Vietnam by insisting less on a fig leaf "treaty" to cover the U.S. defeat, but they did finally get the U.S. out with a fig leaf and stopped the terrible losses and reverse the soaring global rage at the U.S. over that alone. They succeeded in a brilliant series of moves to open China to the West and get them as tacit allies that greatly pressured the USSR to move toward detente. They were forced to end the vestiges of the gold standard and made an awful mistake institutionalizing the Drug War. But overall they were doing remarkably well in that awful crisis.

    He had awful personal problems with his insecurities and willingness to use "burglars." He had massive enemies, including the CIA and government bureaucracy and the Corp. Media. He had no personal warmth in his political appeals.

    But it is remarkable what they achieved in that general situation. I did not like or morally support any of the political leaders by then. I had barely started my work at Princeton on my Ph.D. and was only 22 when JFK started his big run for the White House. I was naive and had no idea how totally corrupt JFK was and how almost totally Sorenson et al. were puffing him up with books and tele-prompter wisdom. I knew much military history and strategy and had read THE UNCERTAIN TRUMPET and generally thought his military advisors helping the S. Vietnamese was a good idea. It never occurred to me in the first several years how deeply they were sinking into the Quagmire. I even believed LBJ intended to bring peace in Vietnam and had no idea Tonkin Gulf was all a lie. I voted even for him to stop Goldwater et al.

    I learned the hard way. By Nixon I was totally against all of what JFK et al. had done. I held my nose and supported the Nixon programs and wanted them speeded up to get out, etc. I did some work for a Pres. Comm. and wrote a couple of books paid for by the Nixon administtration and I was studying the government massively in all ways by then because it was obvious the government was the great danger to the U.S.

    The Nixon people were clearly vastly superior to what had come before. I hoped for better. I did not realize that the U.S. was firmly set on a downhill path that would get steeper and more dangerous very fast, that Nixon was the high water mark and what came later would become vastly more ignorant, more corrupt and more destructive for us all. When I published my major book on all of this, THE MYTH OF THE WELFARE STATE, in 1987 I saw clearly that we were headed for this Great Crisis IF we did not drastically reverse our course and start improving everything steadily. I knew some bright and good people who worked with Reagan at the top, but I knew all too well he was mostly an actor puffed up with hot Media BS. It has gotten immensely worse and now there are no people at the top that I know of who seem either bright or honest [though a few like Chu in Energy seem roughly like that].

    I had some vague hope that Obama--or anyone--might do something better than Bush 2. It was hard to believe Bush 2 was not the total dregs, the worst of the worst, as I said massively in my essays attacking almost everything he did.

    But this Media Puffed Up Cardboard "President" we now have in Obama is almost impossible to believe. He has done all of what Bush 2 did and made it much worse. He does not even seem like a real person to me. He has almost no well documented past and was suddenly pumped up with vast piles of Big Corp. money [as Gasparino and others have shown in detail] and seems incredibly ignorant. I long ago started calling him America's Undertaker.

    When the USSR was rushing toward implosion they turned to Gorbachev to try to seriously open up the police state and to restructure the whole economy and political system [with Glasnost and Perestroika]. I don't think I ever believed he had a chance of seriously reforming that vast, centralized, bureaucratic police state. But at least he was an intelligent man who was trying to do the impossible. Obama seems like an ignorant basketball player by comparison who is working furiously to increase bureaucracy, centralization, secret police,paper money inflation and Bubbles, losing wars [even in Afghanistan where the Soviets finally realized they needed vast changes to save themselves]. and vast clouds of ever shifting red-hot BS. Most Americans now find it hard to believe this shady guy is an American. I find it hard to believe he's a person. He seems like a Party Media Script which speech writers keep changing. In many ways he seems to be working FOR the Chinese and Saudi Arabia and Against the U.S.
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