If Obama is catering to muslims, Why is he blowing them up still?

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  1. Does not seem like he is catering or bowing to islamists.


    it is the third such attack reported in the tribal areas near the Afghan border since US commandos killed Osama Bin Laden in the town of Abbottabad.

    On 6 May, at least 12 people were killed in a drone strike in North Waziristan. A similar strike on 10 May was reported to have killed four people in neighbouring South Waziristan.

    Correspondents say the latest strike is evidence that the US has no plans to reduce the number of drone attacks, which cause great anger in Pakistan.

    Pakistani sensitivities have increased in recent days, with many people saying the country's sovereignty was violated by the US assault on a house in Abbottabad in which Osama Bin Laden was killed on 2 May.

    The raid has put further pressure on an already strained relationship between the US and Pakistani governments.
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    It's a false flag tactic to counter the previous false flag event which was triggered by the first false flag event.

    Edit: and all this needless complexity, secrecy, and money wasted could have been avoided if we had simply tackled the original problem, flouride.
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  4. 0bama's going for his second gold peace medal using the vote-for-me-for-peace-never-mind-I-won-I'm-doing-like-you-were-doing-taking-all-your-credit-vote-for-me-again tactic.
  5. Wrong!!! Simply put, Obama ran the greatest scam in history. See, I've seen solid evidence on some secret websites where the true LFBC is posted. Turns out our commie loving, Muslim President was only 34 years old when elected. All this fuss over his BC, blowing up fellow Muslims, killing bin Laden, health care reform was to cover up the fact he was too young to run for president.

    Oh yeah, the fake chillin' who you see in the staged family photos are hired child actors, actually one of them is the grand-child of one of the stagehands who worked on the faked 4th moon landing.

  6. If you were married to that shrew, you'd be blowing up shit too.

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    WTF does flouride have to do with anything??
  8. Muslims don't mind killing each other.