if obama gets elected as president will be have alternative fuels?

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  1. ?
  2. Yeah. Its called a bicycle.
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    We will regress back to the stoneage if Obama is elected, so walking will become the primary means of transportation. Walking is fueled by grain and beef, so buy your futures now.
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    I wonder if Obama will start to work back to the center now that the primary is over.

    That was the excuse from all of the Democrats with half an economic brain, that Obama was just going extreme left for the primary, but wouldn't actually destroy the economy with all of the added spending and taxation. They said that he was just trying to "out left" Hillary.

    I am starting to think however, that those positions are things he supports.

    He may have played his hand too far left now to come back to the center.
  5. look at his history. not only is he the most liberal senator based on voting records, he is close to two different Marxist professors. this guy is all about wealth redistribution.

    Unfortunately, to the general populace, raising taxes on the wealthy sounds like a good thing. not only do they already pay more than their fair share, and that the problem is really spending, the wealthy create most jobs. Small biz owners land in the wealthy category usually. (over 250k per yr).

    this is the only problem I have with obama, but its a biggy. He is definitely a smart guy, and wants to expand alternative fuels, although it still won't be economically feasible on a large scale unless oil goes up another 100% or so.
  6. Why is this thread in the Trading Forum?
  7. Excellent Commentary All

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    From http://obamawtf.blogspot.com: Obama's Documented Lies: 50 and remarkably still growing

    50 Obama claimed he had never prayed in a Mosque; his campaign had to retract that statement
    49 Obama dishonestly used third party comments in his ads to pump up his healthcare plan
    48 Claims he never discussed politics with Pastor; rebutted by photo of Obama with team of lobbyists led by Wright
    47 Obama, an expert at parsing words, claimed he wasn't familiar with the word "Clintonian"; then changed his story
    46 Despite reeking of cigarettes, Obama denied smoking to ABC; now admits smoking on MSNBC
    45 Obama said he'd meet unconditionally with Leader of Iran: now claims he "didn't have Ahmadinejad in mind"
    44 Obama claims he is using public financing to avoid special interests: WSJ nails his switcheroo
    43 Obama's rhetoric claims more young black men in jail than college: BoJ Stats disprove
    42 Claims he never said he was a proponent of single-payer universal healthcare; Video proves he did
    41 Obama claims remarks to industrialists were greeted with silence, shows he can deliver tough message: video of ovation
    40 Obamas claim you dont rip opponents & leave on roadside:he did to Alice Palmer
    39 Obama denies saying Indiana could be tie-breaker: he did
    38 Obama omits that Pastor Wright led divestiture campaign from Israel
    37 Obama claims Church not controversial; he lied since 86
    36 Lied about intention of taking US out of NAFTA
    35 Obamas claim poverty growing up: both distort reality
    34 Obama denies meeting Saddam's Auchi; sworn Fed. witness places Obama at undisclosed party for Auchi at Rezkos
    33 Obama lies about not attacking Clinton over her Bosnia lies
    32 Obama claims he passed ethics reform; ABC News shows he lied
    31 Obama says he's consistently opposed NAFTA; in October 2007 he supported expansion to Peru
    30 Obama claims he's above dirty political tricks; Clinton proves he lies
    29 Obama claims his "bitter" remarks were mangled; then repeats attacks on guns religion and angry people
    28 Obama stated he'd stopped wearing flag pin on chest; now denies saying it, but video proves he is lying
    27 Obama says he did no favors for Rezko;untrue; he lobbied for him
    26 Changes story repeatedly re Rezko's help in buying mansion
    25 Obama claims he never supported a ban on handguns; he has twice
    24 Obama claims stays at UCC as Pastor acknowledged comments were inappropriate; Wright never made this statement
    23 Campaign is beholden to "only the people" as unlike McCain/Clinton he does not take lobbyist /PAC money; LIES!
    22 Claims campaign never called Canada to say Obama not truthful re wanting leave NAFTA; smoking gun memo proves lied
    21 Mrs Obama admits she's never been proud of America; Video disproves Sen. Obama's later claim she was misquoted
    20 Claimed would not run for President
    19 Claims famous in Il. for not letting lobbyists even buy him lunch; took from teachers, trial lawyers, hospital admins
    18 Claims his parents met at Selma civil rights march; Washington Post noted it occurred 4 yrs after Obama's birth
    17 BO claims courageously opposed war in 2002 during US Senate campaign; He did not announce his senate bid until 2003
    16 Claims he passes tough Nuclear Law; NYT uncovers he took Nuclear Industry pay-off and watered down the bill
    15 Claimed he didn't know Rezko was corrupt when did a real estate deal with him; Chicago papers prove he lied
    14 Claims does not accept money from Big Oil: Real Clear Politics proves he lied
    13 Denies using his Hopefund PAC to influence endorsers; but the Washington Post reviewed the record and disagreed
    12 Claims his State Chair is not a drug company lobbyist; Time magazine cries Bullshit
    11 Lies about how much he received in campaign funds from Rezko; forced to significantly increase the amount twice
    10 Claims he did not fill out the 1996 candidate questionaire; Politico proves he lied
    9 Took credit for achievement of others in Chicago; resume puffing exposed by LA Times
    8 Claims he kept no State Senate records; now he changes his story
    7 Denies doubling wife's salary was due to becoming US Senator; omits within months he earmarked $1 million for hospital
    6 Denied meeting Saddam bagman Auchi; now admits he was at his dinner but does not remember talking to him
    5 Denies using his church for politics: IRS disagree
    4 Claims he was unaware of Pastor Wrights 911 comments: NYT proves he lied
    3 Claims his father was a goat-herd; actually he was a man of privilige
    2 Claims not an active muslim as child; Indonesian paper proves he lied
    1 Claims father linked to Kennedys; Washington Post proves he lied"
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    From http://obamawtf.blogspot.com: Obama's 7 Habits of a Highly Defective Liberal

    1 Most liberal voting record in US Senate
    2 Extreme radical ties
    3 Soft on national security
    4 Ambitious deceptive flip-flopper
    5 Sleazy financial hypocricy
    6 Accomplished nothing as a leader
    7 Divisive empty rhetoric

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  10. You know what gets me?

    Those on the left that tell us shale oil isn't feasible, but have complete faith in some miraculous ability to develop some kind of alternative energy source.

    Which do you think has a better chance of success?
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