If Obama gave a damn about anyone but himself, RevGate would go away

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LT701, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. LT701


    but obama's campaign is all about himself. he only discusses the voters with his elites at fundraisers as an afterthought, in the context of 'why they dont all love ME' - 'they're so bogged down with their own problems that they cant see how great i am, and it's getting in the way of my ambitions'

    guy has the longest 15 minutes of fame, ever
  2. now here are some scary dudes:

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    Think he is ''bitter'' about the Supreme court striking down San Francisco gun ban as unconstitutional recently . So he now insults believers in God, believers in 2nd ammendment.

    Voters in Penn state voted nicely/neatly against Barack Hussein since his 2nd ammendment insult!:D

    {NRA} National Rifle Assoc grades him an ''F'':p [ F=failure]
  4. maxpi


    Well, I mean, who is holding blacks back from having careers in the US?? Civil rights attorneys, like Obama!! I worked in a place with 2000+ employees near a black community. There were about 3 black employees. I never could figure that out until I realized that every black that walks in looking for a job has some narcissistic and extremely angry lawyer like Obama waiting in the wings to do serious, sometimes very serious, damage to the employer. Obama and his lame wife are both about Obama and his lame wife... they have trodden down the other blacks to get where they are and I don't want any part of it.......
  5. LT701


    a perfect example of this is obama's stand on open borders

    NOTHING has screwed decent black people more than illegal immigration, and some black guys like Terry Anderson (the terry anderson show) understand that.

    without illegal immigration, and with a policy of 'no welfare' when there's jobs, the last 15 years could have been a golden era for blacks

    but instead, it's been an era where they've lost what little they've had. thanks to sellouts and race hustlers like obama
  6. it's as if he hates low income blacks.
  7. maxpi


    The whole Deomcratic party is race hustlers and attorneys really. I think the Republicans are better at muddling though things. If they can find an exit strategy for the War on Poverty they will do it, the Democrats don't have one and they don't want one, it's their bread and butter.