If Obama actually were a socialist...

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  1. He would have pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan...

    He would not have bailed out the corporations...

    He would have raised taxes on the wealthy...

    He would have pushed green energy big time if for no other reason than to stop the control of big oil...

    He would have tried to stop the lobbying efforts by corporations...

    He would have pushed for a public option and only a public option on health care...

    Face facts, Obama is just more of the same that we have had. He is not a socialist, he is not a capitalist, he is just another pawn of the real power in America...

    When will America start to pay attention to the men behind the curtain?

  3. yeah, me too..
  4. Me 3....

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    Socialists wanna force socialism on others!

    Government owns the corporations, sounds good in a socialists ears!

    Well he`s a socialist/facist!

    Are big green better, than big black?

    But they bring him/his friends money.

    Well he`s a socialist/facist, if he was on the patients side, he would let the market be free!

    Socialist/facist, i.e. upper half of spectrum.

    Religious Socialist Fascism

    Socialist Fascists, Hitler being a prime example, are driven by the ideals of better societies, their root ambitions are often good ones. Perhaps, Fascists, like Socialists which are often one and the same despite an avid aversion for each other, need to recognize is the failure of their ideals. It is not necessarily the ideals that are bad, Jesus Christ, for example was a Socialist, however, the socialism Christ professed is far from the socialism Karl Marx promoted. Christ promoted socialism through voluntary sharing with and taking care of ones neighbor. Marx promoted involuntary assumption of assets and the distribution thereof through a small group of individuals, i.e. the government. Christ could also in a way be described as a Fascist as He promoted the following of a single all powerful leader, God, except, Hitler like most other Fascist's believe they are equal to God when clearly the ideals of God are far from those of any man. The leader Christ proposed we follow was God Himself and no human. However, Hitler, Stalin & Mao all proposed we follow mortals.

    OBAMA? :confused:
  7. saxon


    Yes...the mantra to always recite before entering the voting both is, "A politician...is a politician...is a politician." Like a foul smelling rose. :D

    But who ARE these mysterious masters of REAL power???

    The leftist response to that question always seems to sound vaguely religious; something like, "For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. And for those who do not believe, no explanation is possible."

    The sad part is, there probably ARE evil puppet masters behind the curtain. But the delusional partisans will certainly be the LAST to know who they are, because the evil elite probably call themselves liberals as often as they call themselves conservatives! Like corporations that give huge donations to BOTH parties prior to an election; what does THAT tell you?

    Do you really think they care WHO wins?

  8. Is someone who is completely selfish evil?

    Corporations are like sharks...are sharks evil?

    I would say no, that they are only behaving according to their nature...

    However, if you know sharks are in a pool, and you swim there...

    Well, knowing the nature of American corporations, and what their goals are (hint: There goal is not to create jobs for Americans or pay income tax in America) then you just don't allow them to exert so much power over the political process.

    This happened just recently, and this spells more of the same undue influence by the corporations on the political process:


    It isn't leftist when both Ralph Nader and Ron Paul firmly agree on this issue of corporations having too much influence on the political process in America...