If McCain loses I'm going to riot!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by maxpi, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. maxpi


    Don't mess with Whitey!! I've been enslaved by the Democrat tax collectors for generations and I'm not taking it any more!!
  2. Stick it to the man, yeah!!
  3. Gord


    Only liberals are allowed to riot (they call it civil disobedience). When conservatives protest they are labled as haters, racists, homophobes, bigots, anti-women, etc.

    Be prepared to go to jail for a very long time - descent against the messiah will be like three strikes and you're out... [​IMG]
  4. Ha, jail, wouldn't exactly be the first time really...

    I may not have to raise my voice in anger publicly nor act out in hatred.. check it out, Zogby has McCain in the lead!!


    Happy days are here again, days of wine and cheer again....
  5. Brandonf

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    I'd never be in my entire life so happy to lose money than if Obama losses and my intrade bet goes to the crapper.
  6. zogby is the most accurate polling organization. They messed up in '04's presidential race somehow though, called it for Kerry, it might have been the Diebold effect, who knows. From what I hear Democrats need 3-6 pts in the polls to actually win the real poll, at the polls, so to speak.. I don't know exactly why that is, maybe conservatives bullshit pollsters, I just hang up on them personally, we have the secret ballot written in the constitution, it's stupid to tell somebody who you are voting for for no reason...
  7. gnome


    That too, is probably in the crosshairs.
  8. Gord


    Yup - it starts with eliminating secret ballots for union voting so the union thugs can strongarm descenters - sorta like what they did the Joe the plumber.
  9. dsq


    joe isnt a plumber..an imposter at best...isnt he on welfare?im interested in knowing how much income he reported the last few yrs.
  10. If McCain loses I'm going to riot!!

    I've been waiting for this, with all my pent up emotions, I can't seem to self-direct my life and do the right thing, been waiting for someone to do something for me, now my dreams are dashed.

    I'm going to burn down my neighborhood, my relatives' houses, burn the few local businesses that create wealth for and employ my relatives, pull drivers out of delivery trucks and beat them, loot the stores for more iPods because it's unfair that I only got three iPods, steal a gun and shoot someone knowing that only the gun is responsible, burn down my own house while sitting on the sofa

    and claim myself as victim.
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