If Mary Schapiro knew of damaging FOIA restiction to the PUBLIC, she should STEP DOWN

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  1. CNBC isn't even reporting this story of the SEC damaging the PUBLIC in the U.S. financial markets.

    It's the "not invented here" mentality.
  2. Fox Business is hammering the SEC on this right now................
  3. Several politicos SHOULD step down.. and perhaps even be marched off to jail... but few do.

    Suggest not holding your breath on this, Rangel, or any other..

    If the allegations against Rangel are true, he SHOULD spend time in the Big House. However, he will likely get off with either (a) an apology, or (b) stepping down from his office. :mad: :mad:
  4. I am convinced all politicians are corrupt. Whether it's Democrat, Republican, Communist............because most humans are driven by greed rich or poor they are corruptible and will cheat given the chance. I know its nothing earth shattering but its the reason none of should buy into loyalty in politics. The best thing ppl can do is start by re-registering independent or unaffiliated. Think about it logically what motivates ppl to change? Fear. If politicians had actual fear that they would lose they will change and if they don't boot em' out of office. When I stop and look at decisions made by both major parities I am confident any American with above avg. intelligence could do as well or better than them.
  5. It is being reported this morning, that Fox Business and lawyer Steven Mintz cannot find out WHO deliberately curtailed the public's rights at the SEC within the FinReg bill.

    The cover up is obviously on!
  6. pspr


    Barney Frank or Chris Dodd, take your pick.
  7. The SEC says this bill will be sooooooooooo good for you.

    Then, why is its author still "missing in action"? No one will come forward.

    It's just amazing what they think we'll fall for.
  8. Dont they read the entire bill before they vote for or against it? Or are they just lazy representation of the people for the people. All these bills signed into law since the bailouts have including healthcare bill have had unbelievable shit slipped in. What a joke. Nobody can do a dam thing about it.