If market start to sell off in 2007

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  1. All they will do is talk about rate cuts, and Osama Bin laden. Have you heard any mention of Bin laden lately? why not? because its not necessary, belive me if the markets starts to weaken you will sure hear about his possible capture all over again.

    Remember during the bear market of 2001-2003 all the capture rumors and rate cuts rumors, boy that was a guaranteed 100 point move as shorts covered.

    It just pays to buy dips in a uptrend, thats your best bet. We are know were near a good shorting opportunity. The market may retrace but thats just a buying opportunity.

    My advise is buy the dips, its that easy, noting difficult at all.
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    I have to agree -- sellers are no where to be seen. Until we get a some respectable selling -- its best to play the long side. I thought we had some selling late last week but those sellers were no where to be seen the last two days.
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    After the New Year flush of cash comes in I would expect a flattening or downside move with buyers waiting to jump back in nearing the later 2nd quarter. Excluding any significant developments.

    Of course there is always a place to be long in the market!

    As long as the housing market doesn't tank in a big way, we won't have to worry about a financial flush. Even if it does happen it could provide a good buying opportunity.

    Europe should have a great year!