If Market Action of Today and Past 2 Days Confuses You, Then You Are

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  1. If market action of today and past 2 days confuses you, then you are a bull, a bear or a hog, but definitely NOT a trader. If you are a trader, this market market action is great!

    BTW: 11AM was the top. Heading down again. I am back to short position.
  2. When did you go long?
  3. Shorted on Monday (see my other thread). Flat in middle of day yesterday. Shorted at around 11AM today. Morning/overnightgap up trip, I did not participate in it (no position neither short nor long was held overnight and before 11AM).
  4. So an hour after the top you post that you got short at the top and then you tell others they're not traders

    ROTFLMAO thanks for the entertainment
  5. 12:14PM, I took profit on part of position to cover cost of stops if I am wrong about top, and also to bring some profits home. So, I am done for the day. If it goes up, I would re-enter depending on market action. I am not a bull, not a bear, and not a hog (as you can see I took some profits).

  6. Actually I can't see, b/c I don't see a blotter. If u sold the top or bought the bottom......congrats.......but we don't care
  7. This thread was not a market call, but those interested can read my predictions (there are in Trading section). When this thread started NDX was at 1910. The latest tick is 1894. Written history and the market ticker cannot be changed. But we know there are a lot of liars/etc in this world. We should not waste time with them.
  8. That was meant to say that profit takers are not pigs. As for the rest, I tell you that you can see if you trade. Check your account. All the red you see is green in another man's account. Do you care now?
  9. Well he does call himself "riskfreetrading"

  10. I saw a bit of that other thread so I was wondering why it seemed you were entering a new short position when I thought you already were short. It's clear now that you're daytrading. You trading an index or selected stocks?
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