If MacCain won, Osama would still be alive. 2008 interview.

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  1. In July 2008, CNN's Larry King interviewed then-presidential candidate John McCain. The host asked the Republican senator, "If you were president and knew that bin Laden was in Pakistan, you know where, would you have U.S. forces go in after him?"
    McCain said he would not.

    "Larry, I'm not going to go there and here's why: because Pakistan is a sovereign nation."

    Looks like Musharraf agrees.


    Reaction to Osama bin Laden’s killing was mixed in the Arab world, including in Pakistan, where former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf said that the United States should not have executed a mission within his country’s borders.
  2. "If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won't act, we will."

    Senator Obama got a lot of shit for saying this in August, 2007.
  3. Yep.
  4. McCain was a Weasel. What the heck were the republicans thinking by nominating him for the presidential elections, then to add insult to injury he brings on some ignorant chick from the backwoods to be his running mate.

    It is like the GOP wanted to lose and not get further blame for the economic decline that was expected to follow.
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  6. Bravo Obama for Bin Laden and the pirate operations