If Jews would

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    stfu about their religion, would the world treat them more kindly? Would their lot through history have been better?

    Of course, this could apply to many religions, but Judaism seems to have gotten special grievance status.
  2. The religion of Judaism is not the problem.

    Just as the religion of Islam is not the problem.

    Nor is the religion of Christianity the problem.

    Nor is the non religion of atheism the problem.

    The problem is human nature and the different cultures it fosters.

  3. There have been many "religions" throughout history. The Jews have survived way more than their fair share, yet they still exist. They were without a country for a long long time, yet their people are still around. No matter how bad the world tries to squash them, they cant be squashed completely. And the fact is...that all the people that try to squash the Jewish people are the ones that get squashed themselves! Where are the amalakites now? Where are the canaanites? Where are the babylonians? Where are the Romans? Where are the Nazis? All these groups of people that tried to squash the Jews are gone. I mean what are the odds? The Jewish people did not have any great weaponry like all these people that attacked them, yet the Jews are still there and the offenders are gone.

    Maybe you should look at their God and believe that he is the one true God. How else could a people survive through so many 1000s of years of wars. What other people have survived that long?
  4. Humans are the problem? if only we could get rid of these humans, Earth would be so much better.

    What a bunch of leftist dribble. Typical conclusion of a Godless creature with no values or standards.
  5. Better for what :confused:
  6. Hinduism: Since Sanskrit is the oldest written language, as far as religion being written down, and as far as organized religion is concerned, it would be Hinduism. It is said that when Rama appeared, according to our calendar, was a million or so years ago (not sure of the exact date, but it's a long time!) And Krishna, God himself according to the Vedic scriptures, appeared here 5,000 years ago. Buddha, about 500 B.C., Jesus, about 2,000 years ago. If you go through the different religious book and study this question deeply, you will find out that Hinduism is the oldest religion of the world. There are no dates and facts, but its history is about more than 50000 thousands years ago.

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    I mean, come one, my oldest friend is a jew (American programmer), but if you put him in a six-man line up and said, "pick the jew" he'd only be picked 16% of the time. But if you had a guy therein with a long, twirled beard, a goofy cap, a black book tightly clutched in one hand, and the other hand in the air, "pick me! pick me", well, you get my drift.

    An hour with a razor, lose the cap, stfu and get back to work and no one is going to round you up and put you in a camp.
  8. The majority of jews don't actually practice Judaism...so why should they talk about it?

    "it's unjewish to "preach the gospel", or run your mouth about your religion... it's the only one of the great faiths that has this feature actually, which is why it's so"

    Uhhh, false.

    There are more Buddhists and Hindus than those practicing Judaism...

    When was the last time Buddhists or Hindus came to your door pushing their beliefs?

    It is a tenant of their beliefs to accept all beliefs, so they don't talk about it, don't try to convert others, and they are older than Judaism...

    Oh, and they don't worship the golden calf the way modern day atheistic Semites do...

  9. I really enjoy being a human. I'm getting better at it all the time really. The lower elites [the left] turn my stomach with all their anti human sentiment... same goes for the upper elites that want to reduce the population to prisoners that live to serve them.. good luck with that one, wow, an uphill battle against God, I wonder how that will turn out... :D
  10. I don't talk about the tenants and beliefs of Judaism, which I do believe if people follow they become good people.

    I am trying to emphasize that Judaism and good Jews are not to blame for the sickness and Zionist problems created by the atheistic egocentric jews who are about their materialistic culture and ethnicity, not the words of Moses...

    "you don't know how old judaism is, or hinduism is for that matter... they are both older than buddhism."

    Lord Buddha taught non violence (including vegetarianism...not killing living beings) and detachment from the world as a means to enlightenment. All of these teaching are already in the Vedic scriptures. No concept of Lord Buddha was new.

    Buddhism is as old as Hinduism, just as protestantism is as old as Christianity, or reformed Judaism is as old as Judaism.

    Lord Buddha introduced no new scriptures or text, he merely focused on one small aspect of Hinduism.

    Anyone who has actually studied Hinduism knows that all faiths and all religions are just branches of the same Vedic scriptures.

    "Hinduism is generally considered to be the oldest religion still being practiced today. This ancient religion was born when the Aryan peoples migrated to Northern India and first put their religious tradition into writing. The texts they created are the Vedas, which were written around 1,500 B.C.E. (before common era) and have greatly influenced Indian culture ever since. "



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