If Jesus returned tomorrow...

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Would Jesus charge money for conjuring up fish (or wine)

  1. Yes, but only for the wine - NEVER for the fish

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  2. Yes on both accounts - in Rome do as Romans do

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  3. Never - as it would be a sacrilegious act

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  4. Who give a F' I get free food (stamps) from Obama

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  1. would he charge money for healing, conjuring up fish or wine?
    What say you? Christian or non-christian, I ask this of you regardless of your path/faith. This question is in the face of worldwide prostitution of "spirituality" and "new age".

    Some people, as it would be preposterous would say hey, why not? Indeed, times are different today. There is outsourcing which they had none of in Judea in those days.
    I am just interested in your opinion.
  2. of course jesus would be a republican. so says the republicans:
    “If I am right, then [religious fundamentalists] will not go to Heaven, because there is no Heaven. If THEY are right, then they will not go to Heaven, because they are hypocrites.”--Isaac Asimov.
  3. Jesus was a dope smoking, gay hippy.

    The only good thing about Jesus is that his followers are Republicans who will die for Israel.

    Vote Romney 2012 to nuke Iran :D
  4. Healing? Sorry that would be regulated industry, Jesus goes directly to jail.

    Ditto in Wine. Need a permit.

    Fish? Whoa! out of season.

    In the event Jesus secures th necessary permits, these freebies, healing, fish and wine are taxable events to receipient. You can't just give stuff away.

    Then we have to deal with re sellers of fish and wine on e bay.
  5. +5 :)