If James Bond were...

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  1. If James Bond was to trade to save the world from an evil trader who live in a private island with his own military, could he do it?

  2. FredBloggs

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    not if i was on the other side of his trade, no.
  3. rofl :D
  4. He would only need Clarence Beeks and a laptop computer. :D
  5. LOL Man, the world will be doomed!

    What would you guys recommend him do?

    He is looking nervous and I don't think drinking those martini's reflect a good image on the trading profession.
  6. not nervous, but confident focused. HE knows this almost as much a battle of nerves as wit and skill! lol :D
  7. "Shaken, not stirred!"
  8. Bond, James has a set of coyotes as big as Florida grown pink grapefruits BIGGER :D

    nothing rattles Bond. trade like Bond :D
  9. He will probably trade in the Bond market.