If Iran & Israel Go To War...

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  1. Here is a topic that begs the evaluation. Be complete with your analysis or stay home. We all understand the gravity, who are the players as you see it and where do the sides get drawn? Both sides will need support. Where will that come from and in what quantity and quality? Successful wars start with air superiority, doesn't that sort of answer the initial salvo winner in this instance? Will this be a real war or will they play American sanitized skirmishes where civilian casualties are the concern of the day? How far does the real war go?

    Limited generalization please. I'm open to real and deep speculation! :)
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    Have read a couple of Nostradamus books and the doomsday scenario goes like this: A triumvirate of Arab powers attacks Israel with nuclear weapons. They kill 2/3 of the population of Israel. The surviving 1/3 launches their nuclear weapons against the aggressors and annihilates them!!! Don't know if it will turn out that way but, I believe that there are enough Islamic militants who think that they can win a war with nuclear weapons!!! That is probably the reason Iran is in a hurry to build the nuclear bomb!!! Probably also to use against the Arabs (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.) who might meddle if not get directly involved if Iraq falls into a civil war. This being a Sunni-Shite conflict. On the plus side, terrorists killing terrorists is no big deal!!! The less we have to deal with!!!
  5. While w have seen the "grunts" engage in suicide bombing, I have yet to see Islamic leaders do this.

    To nuke Israel is suicide for these leaders, which is why I have my doubts that Muslim countries will be lobbing nukes toward Israel any time soon.....

    It was demonstrated, for nearly 50 years during the cold war, how the USSR, USA, and China didn't nuke each other....primarily for fear of mutual destruction.....

    As far as Nostradamus, even he didn't predict the village idiot would become the leader of the most powerful nation on earth:

    <img src=http://home.earthlink.net/~fwbull/bush_fool.jpg>

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    Probably oil/oilstocks would uptrend better;
    probably SPY,DIA,QQQQ would uptrend/downtrend better.

    Iran would most likely be the big loser, we probably would keep on doing business with some Arabs, but further reinforce not selling them our ports or the Chinese our oil companies.

    Not a prediction.

    And wouldn't even assume surgical strikes, however wise ,are auto maticaly necessary.
    Have seen snow somewhat recently, not global warming on Arabian sand, more trends of killer earthquakes,trends of tidal killer waves on Islamic countries., trends of self mutilation/killing

    And while USA had more than their share of hurricanes;
    not near the loss of life as those brutal,barbaric Islamic nations.

    through strength.
  7. The leaders never do. They believe they must remain to lead the cause. And while I don't believe they are quite dumb enough yet to nuke Israel, I can't say the masses can't be fanned into stupidity. Iran's current leader is a bit over the edge (IMHO) and I can't say what he will or won't cause.

    The cold war was involving folks who were not trying to fulfill a religious prophecy either. It did involve folks who understood the value of living, not the need for dying/killing. There is a belief in that arena that they must fulfill the edict.

    As for Nostradamus, you're correct. He definitely didn't see Kerry or Gore making it into the presidency. And I for one, am thankful for that. That truly would have been the definition of an idiot led program. :)
  8. It appears that the Iran leader is a loose canon, but that may well just be the same type of rhetoric and strategy we see from leaders who are looking to cut a deal.

    Since these countries can't really play from strength, their strength is to play upon the fears of the world powers that they will do something stupid.

    Remember how much Saddam and his press secretary claimed they would destroy the American invaders?

  9. Interesting take here. I hadn't quite thought along this line. The the question begs, should we interfere with something that they deem as their destiny? :)
  10. Yes, I remember the rhetoric of "The Mother Of All Wars" and something about us needing body bags for all the dead across the desert. They operate with the understanding then that there are no balls behind all the finger waving reps saying "stop the nuke program!" It's like standing on the desert floor with sabers and rifles in hand cursing the F-16's flying over head for not fighting fair.

    Is this a message that is too complicated for their leaders to understand? :)
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