If I'm Mitt Romney...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. I go on a long trip out of the country in case McCain tries to get me to be his VP candidate. McCain is beginning to make Bob Dole look like JFK as a candidate. Is he even bothering to campaign? It seems like everytime he opens his mouth it is to attack someone who is supporting him. Now he is running an ad attacking fellow republicans for not signing on to the global warming scam. I really think McCain's best bet is to go with Joe Loserman as VP. Why damage the reputation of any real republicans?
  2. I think the economy will crash very hard. Who wants to be President during a depression.
  3. Obama has a plan. He wants to raise taxes heavily on the people who create jobs.
  4. Speaking of a long trip out of the country didn't McCain just return from Mexico, probably campaigning there.
  5. LOL. Why not, apparently there are no problems with mexicans voting in the US.
  6. How the hell did McCain win the nomination anyway? To me, Huckabee and Romney are a trillion times better than McCain.

    I'm willing to take a big chance with Obama. I'm pretty sure he can't be a bigger blunder than Bush, and who knows, he might just end up surprising all of us.