If IBM disappoints today...

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  1. ...all holy hell will break loose.

    Confidence will be shattered with respect to the broader market.

    Credit card companies are actually getting hit today on credit quality concerns. Translation = consumers are toast.

    We all can easily predict what happens when consumers = toast.

    Tighten those stops.
  2. blast19


    Hallelujah..sing it.

    Sentiment turned 180 because of Apple it seems among a lot of folks...I think the blood is going to soon flow.

    Even if IBM doesn't disappoint I think it's in for a hit. We'll see.
  3. Look at the chart. When IBM has gotten up to these highs, it always comes back down.

    IBM will have to announce a cure for cancer, otherwise, it will begin its journey back to 70 bucks.

    Sorry IBM, nice try.
  4. btw, those ibm feb 100 puts are cheap today.
  5. I am on IBM side, i think it will outperform.
  6. S2007S


    it will outperform but lets see what the market does...

    IF IBM warns or anythin of that sort forget about a rally in the tech tomorrow.
  7. S2007S


    they beat...

    2.19 vs 2.26

    rev 26.3 billion

    beat both estimates

    trading down to 97.50 at the moment,,,,who knows why.
  8. S2007S


  9. 95.70!!
  10. Same thing with Apple.

    Sell on the news.

    Big institutions are selling large blocks after hours. It is crushing the retail trader.

    I'm watching 20,000 and 10,000 blocks being sold off.

    Same as Apple.

    Under $96 now.
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