If I were rich....... no not a spending thread.

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by joe123, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. joe123


    Well I am rich but lets say I am not so as to identify with masses and teach them a thing or two.

    What does 10 million cash conjure up for you ?

    Nice house, nice car, good looking bimbo ?

    Not for me.

    If I were rich, I would buy a good mobile RV and fill it with canned meats and survive items like fire starters, water purifiers and few rifles.
    After that I would take few surviver courses, knowing how to start a fire by hands etc.

    this would take about 4 months to do and would cost about 100 k in total.

    After all this I would go back to life of wealthy bachelor never giving anyone any clue that I was a closet survivalist.

    Next time you see a Lambo or a Ferrari think about what I wrote here :)
  2. tortoise


    And how will you tank up your RV after the apocalypse?
  3. joe123


    RV would only serve to get you out of the city. City will become a death trap. You obviously would need to know where you are going beforehand.
  4. That's easy. Wall Mart parking lot.
  5. "COLD" you don't have two nickels to rub together, who do you think you are you fooling, fuk face :p

  6. nitro


  7. joe123


    I have many nickles for your information, its just that together they still don't amount to much :p :D

    as for "Fuk face"

    no I won't insult you back, but I would taste your blood if I could. :cool:

  8. check the expiration dates on the cans, some of them may read: "best before 03/2005."
  9. joe123


    obviously you need to get those that last 5 years or more

    and obviously you need to replace them every few years which costs 500 bucks only

    these things are obvious

    why are we talking about obvious things ?
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    "I'll buy furniture for your trailer..."
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