If I Were Benevolent Dictator of the United States

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  1. 1) All unions everywhere - BANNED
    2) Empty all prisons and dump them on the shores of Cuba. Their US Citizenship would be revoked.
    3) Take the 4 levels of Govt (Fed, State, County, Local) and collapse it to 2.
    4) All debts to the US, State, County or Local governments would be declared null and void. This also includes any future Social Security or Medicare "obligations." All short-term, 2, 5, 10, 30 year notes are suddenly valueless. People currently collecting SS are paid out of current revenues.
    5) No government agency has any authority to borrow ever
    5) US troops in foreign locations (including Korea, Germany, Europe, etc.) would be returned stateside
    6) Future engagements with enemies, like Iraq - bomb the hell out of them, and leave. No "rebuilding." If they screw up again, there is return bombing and departure.
    7) The military and all government levels would be cut in half. Why the hell does a state need 2 senators when 1 has the same representation and causes half the trouble?
    8) Pork barrel spending is automatically stripped from all bills.
    9) Massive construction using current alternative energy sources, the unemployed are put into factories creating offshore windmills, solar cells, wave energy machines, creating insulation and conservation that is funded by the . Large gas guzzling vehicles have huge tariffs, incandescent bulbs are outlawed, etc. etc.
    10) The price of doing business in America (workmen's comp, retirement, environmental & worker protection, reasonable salary, etc.) is calculated for basic job classes. All countries (esp China) that import here, pay a tariff equal to that cost. No more advantage building it with 30 cent an hour prison labor using coal-fired plants and dumping mercury into your rivers.
    11) Fair - trade: For every $1 worth of imports to the US, you must purchase at least $0.90 worth of American goods. You can dump them into the ocean if you want...
    12) Basic auto insurance is eliminated, and factored into the cost of purchasing gasoline. No more "uninsured motorists." And this also encourages the use of better MPG vehicles.
    13) The fed govt no longer collects money to redistribute to states or other entities.
    14) The cost of local schooling is drastically reduced. A lot of what teachers do can be reproduced via online education or tutorials.. People without "teaching certificates" are allowed to teach courses in lower school. Brats and bullies are permanently dismissed.
    15) The days of $$$ seekers who sue companies or people for the purpose of getting settlements is over. Lawyers who take frivolous cases lose their license to practice.
    16) Health care - the cost is reduced drastically. Malpractice suits are severely limited. People who demand expensive questionable treatments become disappointed from now on - they get to pay for it themselves. The cost of most things are hammered down to a reasonable profit, not $10 a pill things that are little better than aspirin or OTC medicines. Everyone gets basic medical care. You want to keep alive uncle Harry, who has been declared legally dead, then YOU fund it, not the hospital. Bad doctors quickly lose the right to practice. Properly qualified doctors and nurses from any country are allowed in, to ease the crunch and establish some competition.
    17 Social programs. It is called a JOB. Unless you are extremely disabled or elderly, etc, you work for what you get. You can pick up trash from parks, assist with school classes, do needed volunteer work, etc. The concept of welfare mothers who collect section 8 housing, heating oil/electricity subsidies, medicaid health care, food stamps, childcare credits and vouchers, education credits and other things are now gone forever.
    18. You demand govt services, you pay for them. Mathew Lesko's book about how to get money from the govt becomes a primer on eliminating govt programs.
    19 Mexican border permanently sealed. All people found digging, boating, flying or jumping the fences are returned immediately. The next time they are caught, they are informed they will be deposited onto the shore of Antarctica with 10 pounds of pemmican. Children of illegal immigrants are no longer citizens. This is very retroactive.

    Well, that is a good start...

    Feel free to add more!

  2. Good list!

    Eliminate capital gains taxes...taxing someone who benefits from investing in the growth of USA corps is ass backwards.
  3. Agree 150%.
  4. And eliminate/reduce any law that strongly encourages the wealthy to move offshore. The wealthy are the ones who pay the taxes and build new industry. Encourage repatriation of overseas funds with a one-time amnesty. I think that was one point of FairTax.org
  5. I have to hand it to you rcanfiel...

    That's a good list.

  6. Absolutely. If this occurred we would see double digit growth for many years.
  7. RON PAUL was right... further fed cuts will only accelerate fall of the dollar. Bear Market 2008
  8. Glad to hear the good news about Dr. Paul recently...

    He can't be ignored any longer...
  9. Nationwide anarchy for sure. Which is not necessarily bad

    Just make sure you're loaded for Bear. And you can eat and you can shoot and you have a water source...and your land nav is good and you can fend for yourself.

    Otherwise you're fucked.

  10. Maybe it is good to fall on our face sooner rather than later. But it might be that vomiting now may be better than waiting for the acceleratingly huge debts to push us over
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