if i vote obama, will market recover quicker

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    really hate bush and co.
  2. I read an interesting article that suggested Bush and Cheney should resign after the elections if there is a clear majority winner. Not a bad idea if you ask me given the current market environment. Paulson & Co would be tossed immediately and Bernanke forced to resign in the coming weeks after a suitable replacement was found. Ahh it is nice to dream...
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    "if i vote obama, will market recover quicker"

    Oh sure. The moment it's official he's won the sun will come out, birds will be chirping, the national debt will vanish, we'll have a budget surplus, the markets and home prices will soar to new highs, everyone will have free health care,
    only the rich will pay taxes, poverty and crime will cease to exist.
    It's going to be a regular fucking utopia.

    And then you'll wake up.
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    One think I do know with 100% certainty.........

    Whoever wins this election has one hell of a shit storm to clean up.

    I'm also about 99.9% certain, that neither Barack or McCain has what it takes to actually clean it up the right way and will probably just make it worse.
  5. In that case, Pelosi would be president. Now that's a scary thought.

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  7. bush is one of the greatest leaders in american history and he will be vindicated
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    We're nearly in agreement on this.

    Only difference is I'm 100% sure.
  9. Obama-nation=Obamanation

  10. In my opinion, they should have left town att he last mid-terms, fairly evident then there no longer existed any confidence in them.

    btw, where is the illusive (and evidently reclusive Mr Cheney?)

    if i vote obama, will market recover quicker

    I believe the country will be on a much sounder footing for many years with Obama as president, and implementations of his policies, particularly energy-independence related poilicies. In addition, I believe he has a fundamental grasp of 'equality for all', which over time will also reflect well on values, as more people will have more equally owned wealth.

    edit: I also believe the time it will take to repairt he damage of this Administration will take decades...lots of work for Democratic Administrations ahead...20-25 years worth.

    Hard to see that now, as so many have had so much wealth-destruction just occur.

    The stage may now be set for a sustained move up.
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