If I trade ES and use 1 point stop loss, what are the pros and cons?

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  1. any opinions?

    Thanks in advance.
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    If you don't have a system, you will be "stopped out" all day long, trade less often with a wider stop and wider profit targets.

    If you are using a one point stop, what is your target?
  3. An average 1 point stop can be very profitable:)
  4. Your entry would need to be precise; otherwise you could get stopped out on noise. If you're mainly trading breakouts/break-downs, a 4 tick stop could work. I use a 2 pt initial stop-loss on ES.
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    for brokers?

  6. If you have a final hard stop, for traders. You just put more contracts at the smaller stop and less contracts on the bigger stop.

    But 99% of traders fail anyway.:p
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    A one point stop means get FLAT, not add!
    Averaging in to a losing position is a whole other ball of wax.
  8. You can predict a position is a losing position if it goes one point against you?

    You must be a PRO:p
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    Do you understand the difference between a STOP and averaging into a position?

    I never said I employ a one point stop did I?

    Please read what The OP asked, and answer it wiseass.

    Now I know why I rarely participate in these threads.
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    I think a 1pt stop in the ES is tough to trade with. Either you have to enter near perfectly at strong support/resistance or you are hopping on strong a strong trend. Even then your stop may get hit too often to be profitable.

    You need a plan and test it.
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