If I think Gas Will Be 4.50+ On July 4th What Should I Do?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by DrAtomic, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Do the trade with July options. Don't touch RBOB futs.
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  2. this is sounds like chapter 1 of "how do i blow out an account".
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  3. DrAtomic


    Thanks for you help. I don't care about this money. I could camble it away or I can try something new and buy Unleaded Gas. How much would I be up already? You can't let the fear of something new stop you from tring it.
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  4. it's funny how the RB contract can be more liquid outside regular hours than during.
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  5. DrAtomic


    If I only could figure out how to buy a future or option. This would have been a great move, maybe next summer. Who am I kidding I have no idea how to do this and never will. I hate my brain for being so incompetent. :mad:
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  6. Open a small account real money account with Interactive Brokers (but don't trade the real money) and then open a Paper Trade account with them.

    You can then fund the paper trade account with whatever amount you want/will be likely to trade with. Fund it with a small amount like 10-20K and see how it works.

    I believe that $100K US is about what one would want to start with in equity to be safe trading futures, and start off slow.

    You can very easily loose 100K in a week, or even days, if you overtrade the wrong moves.

    If you only have 10K equity, you are dead in the water in futures, you will get margin called, you will lose, I guarantee it.

    PM me and I will go over my own experience with this with you.
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