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  1. Do you think it would be possible to find a job in retail/ food service to support myself and rent a room for around $700/month +$300 in food expenses to save up a few grand to join a chop shop?

    Ive made thousands of futures and fx trades.. opened hundreds of option spreads. with discipline and determination I am a profitable trader.with my next account i promise not to go on tilt/

    or do you think i have better chances in NYC?? is it still possible to make a living as a stock broker at a sweat shop? my passion is trading.. just trying to figure out how I can get back in.
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    For $700 a month in rent, your options may be limited to less than desirable areas. You can probably check on Craigslist.com to check out both apartment and job. But before you make a decision on a neighborhood please ask, because the bad areas in Chicago are no joke.
  3. you need more capital dood,
    with capital comes patience which is essential in trading.
    better to build your capital with a reliable paying job.

    Or you can do the impossible, grind it out till you have a stake.
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    The days of getting hired with a pulse and the ability to make a CQG chart are long over here in Chicago. Based upon what DRW and Traditum have done this year it looks like hiring fresh college grads and training them internally is rapidly disappearing as well.

    They are looking for very well put-together traders with an organized plan and scalable strategies with positive expectancies.
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    what chop shops are in chicago? do you mean like advantage?
    all the firms i know are legit market making, spreading, automated. why not go with those type places?
  6. $700/month. Maybe a suburb.
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    I think one can rent for about 700 in nice places like Lincoln Park, a studio or something, just 15 mins from the loop.


  8. I thought you were going to stay put in Ipanema?
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    We're getting a bit ahead of ourselves with the maps and the rents. Employment first.

    As a Chicago resident for 25 years I'm still fixated on this concept of a 'chop shop' in Chicago. 'OTCkrak': please explain your vision and define what exactly a 'chop shop' in Chicago would be and what you would be doing in your capacity for them to derive this income?
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