If I play Shadowbane will anyone play with me?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Saltynuts, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. This is an OLD SCHOOL MMORPG from the like late 90s/early 2000s. Most fun I've ever played in a MMORPG. Found out its on Steam. Anyone want to play? I could sure use some friends right now...
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    It was a PoS then, it is a PoS now. Cannot believe it is still around. You want to lose yourself in a fantasy world, forget that PvP shit, and explore Everquest. Co-op gaming is where it is at, and had always been.

    And that pisses me off, too, now that you bring this up. This is your personality...You would rather fight people, than work together to achieve a goal.
  3. I’m surprised to see such a mean post from you. The man said he sure could use some friends right now, and you are beating him up. I’ve never read an over the top post by Saltynuts, although admittedly, my threshold might be considered quite high! Now as far as the handle Saltynuts is concerned…
  4. I would be honored to be your friend. I remember being curious about Shadowbane, but opted for EverquestII myself, although have not played for years. Although most of my time is “Over subscribed” as it is, I could squeeze in some gameplay, especially if I spend less time on social media!
  5. Thank you BeautifulStranger!!!! I think I'm going to download it and see how it holds up given the passage of time, and let you know if it still feels solid! I played Everquest a bit as well, but Shadowbane was something so awesome I cannot even find words to describe the fun times I had on that game. Graphics sucked, but MAN, it really was epic with its city building and alliance building and everything. Real life (game) politics went down on that game hard core. I'll let you know if it holds up at all and if so we can rock Shadowbane's world!!!
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  6. Overnight, BeautifulStranger is right, you were being mean to me for no good reason. You are above that Overnight. :(
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    I do not appreciate the idea of PvP in an MMORPG. I worked for a game company, and played MMO games for a long time. I learned the personality types that only wanted PvP in MMO, player-kill-player. And that is not the same as a FPS, where it is a quick-match of player-kill-player. If you were playing EQ from 1999 to 2003ish, you'd know what I was on about.

    Co-op is, and always will be, the pinnacle of fun MMO gaming. We are a generation apart on it, so just drop it.
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