if i own a BB stock

Discussion in 'Trading' started by itcanbedone, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. hi all,

    if i own a BB stock and that soon moves to the NASDAQ will ALL my shares transfer or are the nasdaq shares entirely new shares that have wiped out the bulletin board stock?

  2. Generally, you won't lose your shares unless you're referring to a company emerging from bankruptcy in which case new shares could be issued ala Kmart.

    What stock are you referring to?
  3. thanks, if others can also verify. thx!!

    i am thinking of Clearly Canadian based off what i'm seeing on the wall street warriors show.

    also, i'm also wondering if they're using the show for a pop upon which they would do dilution.

    i'm still just thinking.
  4. You'll find the one of the most popular tag lines used by penny junk pumpers is "its going to be moved to the nasdaq soon"
  5. yes, you're quite right. note the price change on clearly canadian since the show started. also, i note that BobbyG called mojo for the show idea.


    so i do see a P&D coming