If I hear "BUSH" one more time!!!!

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  1. Holy shit, Bush is no longer the prez.

    Whatever the fuck you inherited is now YOUR problem. You ran for prez knowing damn well what you faced.

    No more bush talk!
  2. This country will still be suffering from Bush's presidency 100 years from now.Abe Lincoln,George Washington,Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson working together would need 50 + years for this country to recover from Bush's presidency
  3. Obama is embracing 90% of Bush's most controversial issues.
  4. No he's not.He cant just immediately reverse every Bush policy ,the world would be in chaos
  5. :confused:

    is that his fucking excuse for not delivering any one of his shitty promises
  6. ya I'm sick of this guy crying; I inherited these problems. Well fuck, no one forced you to, you wanted to be president so live the shit and stop whining bitch
  7. What has Obama not delivered on ? Obama more then any politician in recent memory has done what he promised to do

    A exit date is set with Iraq,like he promised

    He said he would send more troops to Afghanistan

    He said he would close Guantanamo

    He said he would spend billions on public works and infrastructure

    He said he would change the health care system,major health care changes are coming

    He said he would work to improve Americas image abroad and work with former adversaries,he is doing that

    His 3 biggest promises was Iraq,The economy,and health care.The economy is slowly improving.A date is set for an exit from Iraq and congress will likely pass his health care plan before the year is out
  8. All of the above will be moot if jobs are not created in the real economy, not makework 1930's type CCC.

    He better get in high gear and figure that one out because the Fed will self-destruct trying to pay for all this without tax revenue from the real economy.
  9. The guy inherited the greatest nation on Earth, the greatest military on Earth, and the greatest economic machine on Earth. You notice Bush didn't bitch and moan about the recession he inherited.
  10. Really, what is the exit date to have all US troops out by.

    His promise about Afganistan was that he was going to catch Bin Laden. No news on that front.

    Gitmo ain't closing. Second of all, they are holding terrorist in other prisons with no trial. Thats the real bitch about Gitmo. So whats the difference if you do the same practices elsewhere.

    He spent billions alright. He spent a shitload of money that we don't have.

    His healthcare plan is a scam, and its nowhere near through congress, so you can't give him credit for that.

    Did he really improve our image abroad? North Korea does not seem to agree. The Iranians don't seem to agree. How about some of our friends? There is no way you can say he improved our image in Israel.

    He has delivered anything. Giving a speech does not constitute action or results.
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