If I go with retail...any words on SogoTrade?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by tango29, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. I'm leaning towards going the licensed route, but happened to see this Sogotrade on the Genesis website. The commissions seem very low if I'm reading it correctly, but I am curious what you give up to get the low rates? They are showing $1.50/trade + $10 month fee, or $3 a trade no fee for rates. Am I wrong that is .0015 per side for 1000 share trades, or .00075 per side for 2000 share trade? Thats less than IB isn't it?
  3. Will have to call and check, as it doesn't mention any platform fees.
  4. cfkane


    Just want to let you folks know that SogoTrade in fact doesn't have any platform fees aside from the $10 data fee for SogoElite or to get the $1.50 commission through SogoTrade.com.

    SogoTrade just official launched today and you can learn more in their news release:

  5. birdman


    I like what i see and i think they will have a shot.

    It would have been better received if a big name broker had rolled out such pricing but why should they.

    I still think they have a shot. Money spent on a professional naming service might have been well spent, but that's just me nit picking, it really does look good.

    I hope they do well, the industry needs something like this.
  6. trade to trade options but a message appears sorry server too busy to trade options this happen 2 consecutive days and no answer from customer service probably they just care their commisions but do not mind if i lost money because a useless system i will close my account with them and look for something better