If I gave you $100 million what would you do with?

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  1. If I gave you $100 million what would you do with?

    1. Create your own "fund" and trade with it or have others trade with it within the "fund"

    2. Place the money in the custody of a well known fund manager like Paul Tudor Jones to trade with it.

    3. Place the money in a lesser known fund manager's custody to trade with it.

    4. Place the money in a mutual fund of all stocks.

    5. Place the money in a balanced fund of stocks and bonds.

    6. Place the money in a bond fund.

    7. Place the money in the safest possible place where there is little chance it will be lost like a savings account.
  2. Stash 80% in capital preservation, T-Bills, T-Bonds and such.

    Trade 20% using my current cash-flow orientated trading methods.

    Oh yea, that's exactly what I do with my liquid net worth today. Fancy that. I guess I would not change my methods, but would likely be more generous with my charities as I would have more cash flow given the larger account size than I currently have.
  3. I would say thank you very much. Of course, if you invested 100 million with me, I would have to trade it, but since you gave me 100 million, probably would spend it on Justin Bieber tickets for my daughter, a new to me 1977 Ford Pinto, a good slice of Angelos Pizza, and take the other 99million 998thousand, and move to Singapore.
  4. I would buy farmland buy precious metals, put the rest of my money into a Yuan denominated account and when they revalue eventually i will be rich rich rich:D
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    LOL, isn't there a gift tax that would have to be paid first to feds and state?
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  6. Killjoy!
  7. Buy ET for 10 mil then ban RDT and his other 50 aliases :D
  8. i would also build a mansion with a 365 room harem, one for every single day
  9. I'd go to the track.
  10. I'd keep 20% and give the rest to my wife.
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