If I flip a coin 1 million x's

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  1. jrlvnv


    In a simulation of a million flips, I am trying to figure out what the average and highest deviation is. What is the most amount one is higher than the other.

    If you could show the math behind it, that would be awesome, or just the answer would be fine :) Thanks
  2. You left out commissions of each toss and of course the small detail of living long enough to flip a million times.

    At any rate, why a million?
  3. Way more than you think.

    Concentrate on better than 1:1 Reward/Risk expectancy vs 'coin toss' scenarios and you'll be on the right path.


  4. jrlvnv


    I wasn't thinking about trading for this situation, more of casino table games.

    Things I know, the casino always has the edge except in BJ with a plus count. There is nothing I can do or nothing in my bet that will take away from the house edge. I know ANYTHING can happen on the casino floor. I know there might be 200 black spins in a row.

    My thinking though is the "standard deviation" in a casino game if small enough and a proper money management I could enjoy profits from a casino game. I'm not saying I can beat the game, but I might enjoy some profit in between losses.