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  1. If I pissed in a bottle, mixed it with gasoline, launched it into space and then shot a rocket at it, would it eventually become its own solar system? I mean, anything is possible over billions of years right?

    (FYI, you atheists believe that the universe started from alot less than a bottle of piss & gasoline, at least I'm putting something up there to work with and it doesnt even have to make a whole universe...just a small solar system)

    I hope this helps you atheists understand how silly you all are.
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  3. If you believe...

    A.) That a time/mass universe is real.
    B.) That a Go(o)d who would not create a time/mass universe does not exist...

    ...then you are some kind of atheist.
  4. So what did happen, who created who, what really happened?
  5. Go(o)d Our Father created Go(o)d "the Son". The "Son" uses mind-power to imagine/recreate Self. This other "self" is all that is opposite/different from Self. The scope of this other self is cosmic in proportions comprising all of time/mass faith and imagination. Man is a manifestation of imagination, and is complicit in his own "creation". It could be argued that man is his own cause...self-made. This is in keeping with the concept that the Son (of Go(o)d) is able to make himself, and be his own father. This produces a universe in which everything is backwards and upside down, including cause/effect.
  6. And you came to this information how?
  7. I don't know about the bottle bit, how about the wind? Oh sorry, you already are.
  8. Through much study.

    The simplest way to describe the time/mass phenomenon is that it is antithetical (the antithesis) of all that is REAL and TRUE. To better understand what is REAL and TRUE, you could reverse engineer what you see, so-to-speak. For example, if you see a heirarchy, you can be sure that reality is some kind of equality. If you see problems, you can be sure reality has no problems. If you see form, you can be sure reality is formless (ie. unlimited, spirit).

    The time/mass phenom is a concept that reverses cause and effect. So, if it appears there are victims, be sure this is some kind of lie/illusion/appearance. If it appears man is caused, be sure he has something to do with his own appearance.

    Nothing in time/mass is as it appears to be on the surface. It appears everyone is interested in self-preservation, but underneath the surface, a rogue mind is interested in self-sabatoge.

    In an antithetical world, everything is backwards. It's backwardness is relative to what is REAL and TRUE. For every attribute associated with the REAL, a backward world has a concept that proposes an opposite...and constitutes an attempt to make the opposite "real" instead of reality itSelf.

    A time/mass phenom is entirely conceptual (a mental operation). It can't be more than a concept because it's propositions are not possible (not REAL or TRUE). A time/mass phenom combines concepts of real and true with their opposites, and distributes these various combinations along a continuum. The net result is a rediculous farce that will eventually be laughed away.

    Ultimately, what is REAL and TRUE is a BEING. The Being is Everything. A time/mass cosmos is a kind of joke this Being plays on itself, which contradicts everything that the Being IS. And so, a time/mass cosmos is everything that this Being IS NOT. A time/mass cosmos is another everything. What could another everything be but a joke?
  9. Study of what? Kindly provide some references.
  10. Kindly state what you already believe about any such references. Then I'll decide if any are worth referencing.
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